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  1. But profitability doesn't stay this high all the time (see the ethereum EIP1559 to cut profits in july), if your planning a big mine you have a lot of risk in getting your ROI on equipment. Not saying its not possible, just saying use caution. completely different story if you are buying the card for gaming, then any mining is an ROI on that investment
  2. I recommend trying to mine UBQ if you wanna learn about ETH mining, a lot more stable and only requires 2GB of VRAM. ETC requires 3-4GB and ETH requires >4GB VRAM All the knowledge is transferrable so good to play with, not trying to shill you just point out something that can be educational.
  3. The people who will turn a profit on a 30 series mine are flipping their old 20 and 10 series. You can't just jump in when the market is hot like this, your just helping the long term miners get ROI on their old equipment. The best time to get into mining was last summer when the last mining craze chaser capitulated and sold their cards at the low. Good time to learn, put some old hardware to work. Investing in a mine right now has too much premium.
  4. Currently an old 1070 or 10 series can profitably mine Ethereum if you have the VRAM required for it. Ethereum requirements just broke 4GB but the ETH fee's going to miners is making it quite profitable. If you have 3-4GB you can mine ETC, less profitable but still good returns if you have 2GB you can UBQ, more speculative but good returns There are many options for different cards, electricity rates and different coins. I wouldn't recommend building out a big farm but if you have cards sitting on the shelf its a good time to put them to work.