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  1. Asus ROG strix x570-i i think it has 2 fan headers
  2. Planning to gt 6 fans for my pc, friends suggested me to get fan controller but some also suggested me to just get fan splitters. What should I get?
  3. Ig I want the motherboards that have the best thermals but I dont really know
  4. Planning on an ITX build with the Cooler Master NR200, I was thinking to get the ASUS B550I ROG STRIX but some of my friends says to get a X570-I Instead. What should I get? CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X GPU: RTX 3080
  5. At first was planning to get 32gb 3600mhz but then my friends said I should get 16gb and a faster ram, what should I get?
  6. Planning to buy a Fractal Define 7 and I was wondering if the fractal case fans are quite and good
  7. Planning to build a PC with the Fractal Define 7 Case, 3 Fans (intake) on the front, 1 Fan (exhaust) on the rear, and a 280mm AIO cooler on the top. I'm confused if I should get 2 bottom fans or a 360mm AIO cooler for max cooling. If anybody can help me out that will be awesome CPU = Ryzen 7 3700x GPU = RTX 3070