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  1. Guys, thanks a lot for the advice. I'll implement everything gradually in order to find the reason and solve it. I plan to finally resolve the issue with the network and updating the RAM. Peace!
  2. Intel Core i3 2130 64bit Versions Windows 10 Nvidia GT 640 RAM - 6GB
  3. I connect via cable. I suspect my RAM as I only have 6GB. I play Warcraft and use OBS Studio to capture video.
  4. Everything is fine, sorry if it seemed rude. I really want to play and stream without freezing. But for some reason I often have a high ping, I unload all unnecessary programs whenever possible. But that doesn't save the situation.
  5. Does something confuse you? or is it so difficult to get human help? I have no one to discuss this with, only on the Internet. Am I to blame for you?
  6. Thanks for the info. Yes, I found a tariff plan that will suit me according to the speed "xfinity - Blast! ® Internet"
  7. Oh, I see! I apologize for interrupting the topic. Thanks for fixing my mistake. I also wanted to know, does the connection via cat5 or cat6 matter? I have 8 Mbps Internet.
  8. How can I lower my Ping? Is there a software that will help me with this? Thanks!