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  1. It's a race to the bottom. Not sure which of the two is a bigger pile of garbage... I'd assume googles marketshare increase is due to school boards forcing children to utilize the OS for school work. Why wait until the kids an adult to create an advertising profile when you can get a head start while their still in elementry school?
  2. What they aren't telling you: -50% more spyware -65% more crapware -25% more data loss -80% higher chance to reset the entire OS back to default settings
  3. This will never change until clueless users learn and change their habits. First step needs to be dropping the most egregious data harvesters like microsoft and google. Most of the users on this forum are only contributing to the problem because they prioritize the convenience of saving 10 seconds over their privacy which allows mega-corporations to abuse them like puppets.