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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5950X
  • Motherboard
    Aorus X570 Xtreme rev 1.1
  • RAM
    Trident Z Royal Gold 128gb, 4x32 quad kit @ 4000Mhz
  • GPU
    2x Aorus 2080ti Xtreme Custom Build
  • PSU
    Corsair ATX 1200
  1. Hello. I am looking for a 3-slot nvlink ampere PNY. Most of the retailers I found wont have available before next month. If you know someone who can sell one (private person or a store that ships overseas) I would be grateful. If you have some to sell you can drop me a message. I am willing to pay more than it worth and work things out with a seller. Thanks
  2. Yeah, I've built around 20 builds for said boards past month. Good luck having b550 stable and supportive for said gen. No b550 board will have capability of an x570, we are talking about top tiers of each lineup. 550 was very close not to get support for this gen, there is a reason for it. Several customers came back asking to give them better board due to poor optimization and lack of bios patches for RAMs resulting in providing them with x570. Happy ever since, running sticks at rated speeds of 3600/4000 like a champ.
  3. x570 updates/better compatiblity and OC features.
  4. Use adapters from back in a days but you should have an extra extension where you need simply put together with remaining pins. Also, I have my own doubts about that wattage. I hit 900W+ Easily playing more demanding games like Tomb Raider on 4k. So good luck.
  5. Looks good. Careful with case though. It may fit since board ( 30.5cm x 23.0cm) and mobo is an ATX, I've seen several times that fits up and down but overlaps with space required for cable management (but doubt it will be an issue). If you are planning on using external sound card with power supply needed (I am always pushing people to do so) it also fit on but place it after cables have been installed. Only think I am kinda pessimistic about is that PSU. I have 2x2080ti aorus xtreme custom cooling solution and currently idles at around 325W. I will be not changing to 30series. Very happy with
  6. Hello guys. I have UPDATE on this. So I ruled out everything and got myself a new 5950X CPU (returned that one in question to seller for RMA). The temps are not varying very much and I put aged noctua paste (waiting on grizzly to come very soon). Voltage is properly distributed now unlike before with original poor quality CPU throwing around excess voltage ALWAYS. Now, idle it puts itself to 1.1V and temps are lower as well. So basically my cinebench r23 Score pretty much beat all the reported speeds I could find on the internet for reviews and results. Please note, I am not using PBO, I only
  7. Small update. To add up on the post above. Enabled PBO, Disabled Cool n Quiet and Set Auto Boost: - Cinebench multithread test gives the same result as downclocked to 4.3Ghz with 1.1Volts. Around 27.5k Autoboost with PBO = Idle temp is low 50 cels, load is up to 86 in cinebench using 1.45V+ Cinebench r23 score is around 27.5k Manual downclock to 4.3 Ghz = Idle temp is 38/40 cels, Load is 62 cels using 1.1Volt, stable. Cinebench score is around 27k as well. So what in the earth is going on here?
  8. Hello community. I moved to AMD as a main machine a while back from Intel. My specs are the following and will tell you the issue I am facing, if its an issue at all. Hardware: - CPU: Ryzen 5950X - Cooler: Corsair H150i Elite Capellix (3x120mm) (balanced) - MB: Aorus X570 Xtreme rev 1.1 - RAM: Trident Z Royal Gold 128GB, 32x4 (3866mhz) rates as xmp 4000. - PSU: Corsair AX1200i Bios: - Latest f33c version (tried iin increments to update from f30 to f33c and tried running under different bios versions) - Auto Boost - Xmp nerfed to 3866 4x32gb
  9. Hello, Small update. When PC is set to Auto boost it can achieve rated speed according to few monitor tools but very rarely. Cinebench r23 score is around 27200/27500ish (little less than some testing shown). During cinebench, speed will never go higher than 4.6 max when is set to auto. Even with override enabled. Another issue is "idle" workload. On idle with only Chrome/Discord/and coretemp including (icue) for my cooler it uses barely a 1% of resources but temperatures varies from around 48 to 52 celsius and voltage used during idle is 1.46/1.47 even when using less
  10. Hello. Small update. I personally selected and tested among dozen of ram sticks/sets for silicon grade. I got one I wanted and that managed to increase more than a previous one. Currently running Trident Z Royal Gold @3866 (kit is rated for 4000) 4x32 (128gb ram) and System is 100% stable. Previous kit didnt want to go more than 3600/3733. I have total stability on current kit at 3866mhz speed. I tweaked nothing. Only thing I did is to enable XMP and lowered freq from 4000 to 3866 and it worked perfectly. However, nothing more than 3866 can be achieved this way, when I set it to 4000 the PC re
  11. Hey guys, thanks for answering. So it is as expected. And Wizardy, just random check via cpuz and cinebench, aida too. Just little high temps for my taste on auto boost. 8% usage around 55 celsius (80ish on windows startup) room temperature around 19/20 cels. Kinda weird when I set multiplier to 44 temps never exceed 36 at idle and around 55/60 on heavy load, kinda big margin. I did change fans on my cooler to rgb ones so I cant expect much till I get new cooler in few days with more airflow and density. Sadly noctua does not produce industrial ones with RGB unless I mod it, stripping away cor
  12. Hello. After almost more than a decade i returned to AMD cpus. I got myself an 5950X. my board is Aorus x570 Xtreme with latest bios. Right so, straight out of box the cpu achieves speeds of around 4.7/4.8ghz whhen I check it randomly in CPUz, cpuz speed varies each second, i noticed it reported 5ghz at some point. I assume this is "Auto Boost" by default? Windows boot up reached temps around 75 to 82 celsius and then when it settles down after 10/15 seconds it sits idle around 45/50. Corsair h115i PRO (getting an upgrade in a few days though h115i Elite Capellix due to superior cooling and mo
  13. Hello people. Been following you guys for a while. I have an annoying issue. I have quad ram kit tridentZ rgb 4000mhz (specified speed for quad kit) 128gb ram (4x32). The kit worked fine on older i9 9900k and Aorus Z390 Xtreme lga 1151 (minor stability issue) it worked on advertised speed of 4000. Boot and all. However, i moved the ram kit on my working pc: Aorus x570 xtreme rev 1.1 with ryzed 5950x. I am unable to enable xmp of 4000. 3600/3733 works fine on stability test so i assume there is juice somewhere for aditional mhz. Note that ive been not using amd for more