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  1. I have a Seagate external 1TB drive that was knocked by someone else and it fell on the ground. The cable came off and detached from the hard drive. I ran Hard Disk Sentinel and it says health and performance is 100%. I ran CHKDSK and it said no problems were found. Then I checked the SMART values in Hard Disk Sentinel and everything seems to be fine. But after playing movies off the hard drive, it plays fine for some time and then stops at say an hour and then it can’t play anymore after closing my media player and opening the file again and trying to resume. This is over my WiFi network via
  2. I have a MacBook Air and a Windows 10 SMB folder share on another laptop. I copied the folders and files over to the shared folder. In a month's time when I need to update my backup do I simply repeat this again and MacOS will automatically only copy the files that have been updated. I also have VMs so how could I ensure that it doesn't break my VMs? Does anyone know of any free backup software for Mac to backup to an SMB server?
  3. Say hypothetically I have one Windows XP desktop and a Windows 10 laptop with the firewall and built in antivirus enabled. Both are connected to the Internet via VPN and I have Firefox and the VPN installed. Could a hacker find my real IP and attempt to infect either PC via the Internet without any interaction with my PCs on my part? What if I didn’t have a VPN installed? How easy would it be for a hacker to infect my PCs with ransomware and turn them into zombies for their botnet? Theoretically a PC is most safe when disconnected from the Internet. Could someone insert a USB into either PC co
  4. I bought a Macbook Air 2017 last year because it was the only Macbook without a butterfly keyboard. So I've used it for a total of one year. But since upgrading to Big Sur it has become extremely slow. Unusable. On Catalina it was fine. Is this planned obsolescence? Nested virtualization (just 1 VM) was fine in my ESXi VM on Catalina. It's too bad that I only got 1 year out of a brand new Macbook. I researched a bit online and it says all Macbooks are only supposed to last 3-5 years, and iPhones/iPads 2 years. Is it worth installing Ubuntu on my Mac or should I downgrade to Catalina if that's
  5. Bing and DuckDuckGo do not make VPN users solve captchas. Along with Startpage and many others. It’s just Google that does. Lighten up dude
  6. So basically Google is saying either stop using a VPN and let us make money off of your info or no Google access for you. lol
  7. I am using Private Internet Access and with any server I need to solve a CAPTCHA for every search I make. I’ve tried using DuckDuckGo and Bing but the search results aren’t quite up to par with Google’s. So I am looking for another VPN provider as I need Google. Does anyone know a good VPN provider that can bypass these CAPTCHAS somehow?
  8. Is SHA 256 the minimum considered safe for a handshake? Is IKEv2 safe in 2021? What about OpenVPN now that Wireguard is becoming more popular?
  9. Yes I need as much bandwidth as I can get. I have an SMB server on my local network. So I enabled the 5ghz antenna on my router and boom 83mbps. Looks like my iPad isn’t so old after all.
  10. WiFi 4 speed: 72 – 600mbps maximum Linkrate. I don’t think I should be getting 20mbps less than on my laptop. I found the model of my laptop: HP 8TR24PA Pavilion Gaming. I use a VPN to access the Internet. I use IKeV2 rather than OpenVPN and Wireguard. I did a speed test just now Wireguard got 11mbps, OpenVPN got 15.4mbps and IKeV2 got 54.3mbps. With my VPN disconnected I got 61mbps. I think that my iPad doesn’t have hardware acceleration for the other VPN protocols.
  11. 100mbps. iPad Air 1st gen. HP Pavilion Gaming laptop current model.
  12. I have an iPad that gets 53.5mbps on SpeedTest and on my laptop using the same server on SpeedTest I get 80mbps. What could be the possible reasons for this? Does my laptop have a better network card? I dropped my iPad many times over the years. Maybe the WiFi antenna is damaged inside causing lower speeds?