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  1. Hey sorry for late response. But sometimes my CPU % goes up to 100% out of nowhere and then goes naval down to like 8-15% for a minute. It repeats that over and over again. It’s seriously starting to frustrate me. Let me know if u need any other information about my pc, or anything else.
  2. So I reinstalled windows with the link you gave me (and I watched a tutorial on YouTube just to make sure I didn’t mess anything up) and it didn’t work. I’m starting to think that there is something wrong with my computer.
  3. sorry for not specifying what my computer, im new to this whole forum thing. but i have a question, if re install windows, will it delete all my files and apps? (btw imma leave a image with my pc specs and and other info)
  4. ok so i tried this, but it didnt show up wheni went to power plan settings. all that showed up was "balanced" and "dell". did i do something wrong?
  5. ok so i did what u told me, but when i went to check my power plans all i saw wa "balanced" and "dell" did i do something wrong?
  6. its not a laptop lol. its a desktop
  7. ok so, my usually runs fine, but recently its been running really slow. so i opened task manager and went into the performance tab, that's where i realized that something was wrong. it says my base speed is 0.41 GHz but its supposed to be 2.10GHz. can anybody tell me how to fix this? i don't really know much about pc stuff so don't make fun of me if its something simple to fix.