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  1. Sorry I should have mentioned was looking for a AMB build, when I go to AMD builds and customize when I get to gpu it says pre-order
  2. So you have the OS on one drive and you want to move it to another drive ? If so you just boot the pc with be drive that has the OS and use a migration tool to move it over to your new drive laplinks is free
  3. Depends on what bios the board shipped with, check the last 4 digits by the ram it should tell you. You need the bios that came in December I think, go to MSI webpage and look up what bios was updated for that cpu to work. I had to update bios on the tuff x570 because I bought mine at the end of November and it was one bios update short of the required 5000 series update. If you don't have a 3000 series chip check and see if your board has a bios flashback port, if not then your screwed you'll have to either bring it to a shop or ask msi for a boot kit
  4. Thanks, I litterally had a tab open customizing a unit when this popped up, only issue is that the 30 series Nivida gpus are on pre order so no telling when I would get it
  5. So I'm buying a Pre-Built system right now. I originally order a pc through Cyberpower and I messed up the order, due to the webs layout and I requested 2 changes, the ram and the case. They changed the ram out but denied me the case saying I only get one change so there are no "discrepancies" and I would need to cancel my current order and redo it and wait another 3-4 weeks. Now for a company that I'm paying almost 3000 to you would think they could make some minor adjustments but I guess not. So I'm thinking of cancelling and bringing my money some were else, any suggestions ? Also I know