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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking to pick up my first gaming laptop. I'm more into AAA titles and RTS games than Esports titles and need to have a balance of performance and portability, as I will have to carry the laptop around to and from work. I have narrowed it down to the following after the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 stopped being on sale here in the UK and just got too expensive for me. The ones I am thinking of are compared below. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me deciding which one I should get! Thanks!
  2. Yeah that's right, I already have the AIO and the monitor
  3. Hi everyone, I am starting to think about my first ever mini-ITX build. I really like the look of the Cooler Master NR200 case and have combined it with some parts that I already have and others that I can find at a semi-reasonable price here in the UK. I will mainly be using it for gaming, with some light productivity when working from home. Total cost including parts I already own is £1637, or $2256. That is already stretching my absolute maximum budget. I'd be really interested to get your thoughts on the build. Thank you! PCPartPicker Pa
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking to pick up my first gaming laptop. I've got a lot of experience with desktops, but not with laptops. I play a range of titles, but tend to play more AAA titles than competitive/e-sports. My original budget was £1500 ($2000, €1800). Portability (I've only been looking at thin-and-lights, 2kg is probably my limit), a balance of good performance and decent thermals and something that will fit in a professional setting are important to me. I have narrowed it down to the following: Laptop Asus
  5. Thanks! I want to stick to 14" or 15.6" for portability, so I am deciding between the G14 and the G15 (roughly £300 or $415 more expensive)
  6. Hi everyone, I am consdering picking up the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, as I like the combination of power and portability. I am worried that gaming on a 14" display might be a bit immersion-breaking - I won't always have access to an external monitor so will have to do some gaming using the screen in the unit. Has anyone played games on a 14" screen? Does it feel too cramped? There is a 15.6" variant that costs quite a lot more, but I will consider it if it will be a much better experience. Thank you!
  7. Hi there, I have sourced two slightly different models of the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14: GA401QM-HZ160T and GA401QM-HZ242T. Both are identical (R9-5900HS, RTX 3060 @ 60-80W, FHD 144Hz) other than the RAM configuration. the 160T has two 8GB sticks with no spare slot and the 242T has a single 16GB stick with a spare slot. Presumably, this means that that 160T will be running in dual channel and the 242T will be running in single channel, though thr 242T has a dual channel 32GB upgrade path. Given the cost of this laptop, I
  8. Thanks for the clear explanation! I've heard that Tiger Lake can be very power hungry - I think I will go with the Ryzen-based system to compliment the portability of the G14 form factor.
  9. Thanks for your input - it has all been helpful. I've just managed to find another MSI model with an i7-11800H, which seems pretty similar to the 5900HS?
  10. I am familiar with gaming desktops and have built a few in the past. I am quite new to gaming laptops though. I am considering buying one as am spending more and more time away from my desktop. I have narrowed it down to a couple of choices (compared below) but was wondering what you all think. I like the idea of the compactness of the ROG Zephyrus G14, but I am not sure whether it justifies the extra £200. I have also heard that the Zephyrus screen isn't the best and that it can get very toasty (though I understand how tricky it is to keep gaming laptops cool)
  11. I've got another question, if you don't mind - no worries if you can't answer it! I've got my eye on the Phanteks NEON strips. The NEON spec sheet says they have an LED spec of KS6812. My motherboard manual says the ARGB header supports "WS2821B LED strips or WS2821B based LED strips" - is there a risk that these Phanteks strips won't be compatible with my MOBO?
  12. That's really helpful, thank you. Yes, the ARGB is 3 pin - thanks for link!
  13. Can anyone recommend some good RGB strips? I am looking to add a bit of eye-candy to my case. I have an ASUS Tuf Gaming B550M Plus motherboard with the following headers: 1 x Aura Adressable Gen 2 Header (Suports WS2812B addressable RGB LED Strips (5V/Data/Ground), with a maximum power rating of 3A (5V), and the addressable headers on this board can handle a combined maximum of 500 LEDs) 2 x Aura RGB Headers (Support 5050 RBG multi-colour LED strips (12V/G/R/B), with a maximum power rating of 3A (12V), and no longer than 3m.
  14. Sorry that wasn't all that clear! I was basically asking if there would be any problem using sticks that are not on the QVL for my motherboard.
  15. Hi everyone, I am planning to update from 16GB to 32GB RAM. I have consulted the QVL for my motherboard (ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus) to determine which RAM I should buy. I am looking to go for 3600 MHz sticks, as I have heard that Ryzen processors (I have a Ryzen 5 3600) prefer higher speeds, and would ideally like to to get something recommended by the manufacturer. My question is - just how strict is the QVL? The exact sticks I want to buy have this manufacturer code: CMW32GX4M2Z3600C18 This exact code is not on the QVL, but sticks rated at a lower speed and