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  1. the only thing it could be is probably my cpu i have a ryzen 5 2600, but would it say my cpu is the bottleneck not the voltage o have 32 gb ram so its not that and i have a 144 hz moniter and always turn off vsync so it shouldnt be that either
  2. i didnt over clock so stock speed should be the default and usage changes depending on the game but for newer games its at about 70-80, for example far cry 6 i get 60 fps on max setting and on digital foundry they get 85fps on max but im getting less frames than what i should be compared to other 3060s so would it raise the gpu usage to give me more fps?
  3. in gpuz it basically always says im capped by reliable voltage and almost always by operating voltage. in almost all my games i get lower fps than what i should be getting with a 3060 and sometimes i get the same amount on the 3060 than i do with my 1660. is there any fix for this? can i increase the voltage more than what msi afterburner lets me or is there a different fix?
  4. ya i tried that but it stilll didnt work
  5. when i restart my pc my mouse and kb dont turn on until after i get to the w10 lock screen, then the rgb lights up for a few seconds then it goes back off for 20 seconds, then it turns on like it should? does anyone know how to make my mouse and keyboard turn on while windows 10 boots up?
  6. ultra in rdr2 fortnite has max textures low everything else cold war max texture medium everything else max settings for r6
  7. this is my psu https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-Supernova-Modular-Warranty-220-GA-0650-X1/dp/B07WW1XK45/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3AXPIPFQJIN29&dchild=1&keywords=evga+650w+power+supply&nav_sdd=aps&qid=1632499948&refinements=p_n_feature_three_browse-bin%3A16955319011&rnid=16955315011&s=pc&sprefix=evga+650&sr=1-2 for the games, i copied thier graphics settings rdr2, same settings as when i had my 1660, same frames 60 fortnite i get 90 fps, benchmark 150 cod cold war i get 70, benchmark 100 r6 i get 150, benchmark says 250
  8. i have a r5 2600, 32 gb ram 3000mhz, 650w gold psu, newest windows
  9. i have a rtx 3060 and when i play games the frames i get are lower than what other people get with the same gpu. in gpu-z it says i am bottlenecked by my voltage an that might be why im getting less frames. is there any way to increase the voltage to my gpu or is there any other fix?
  10. i did last week but it didnt change anything
  11. is there an app i can download ir is it a separate device i need to buy