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  1. i proablly picked the worst time to try and build a PC
  2. In the UK the 1650 is currently around £400, the chepeast new GPU is a RX550 and thats £140, so i had to work in my budget
  3. £80 i had organilly just planned to use the intergtared graphics but i got a good deal on the 1050ti on local selling site so i bought it
  4. I fianlly built my own gaming PC for £400/£550 - Any tips for upgardes, programs to install, what to do next CPU - Ryzen 3200G GPU - ASUS GTX 1050TI MOBO - MSI A320M - A Pro M2 Ram - Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4GB 2666MHz SSD - Kingston A400 240GB PSU - Aerocool Ceylon 500W Case - Coolermaster MasterBox Q300L IMG_0556.HEIC
  5. I dont have a old CPU, can you suggest one that will work out tghe box?
  6. Im buliding my first computer and im confused with what motherboard to get, will an MSI A320M-A PRO work with my Ryzen 3200G with this motherboard?? MOBO Link - https://www.ebuyer.com/912137-msi-a320m-a-pro-amd-socket-am4-motherboard-a320m-a-pro
  7. just bought it, amazing find
  8. got anything smaller?
  9. don't care, small is king
  10. lets say the shortest
  11. Whats the smallest usebale MATX case you can recomend?
  12. Im looking to try and find a good deal on a 1050 3gb card so i could potentinally play newer games but nothing major
  13. Games like fallout new vegas, arma 3, day z maybe rust basically games i cant get on PS5, i was looking at the Pentium G6400 and a cheap 2GB GPU
  14. How good are the hyperthreaded Intel Pentium's for a budget gaming PC aimed at running older and indie games?