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  1. ok i didnt ask them to OC it for me but could i check if they did? also you said above take out cpu/gpu/ram. so just take out the hardware and put it back in? sorry for all the questions this is my first pc build
  2. i just checked and they installed the latest version
  3. what do you mean by verify their work? and the case comes with 2 200mm fans in the front(as intake) and one 120 in the back as exhaust
  4. built 3-4 weeks ago OS at the same time temps- cpu around 75-85c (im using stock cooler) and gpu 50-65c
  5. ok cpu- Ryzen 5600x mobo- gigabyte b550 arorus elite v2 gpu- evga 1660 sc ultra (until i can buy a RTX 3060) memory- g.skill ripjaws v ddr4 3600 cl 16 storage- inland professional 1TB psu- evga 650 bq case- lian li lancool 215 mesh
  6. i posted of this a few weeks ago but the issue was not resolved. what happens is i will be playing a game and it will freeze and either stay frozen until i turn of my pc or it will crash to desktop. occasionally when i open sea of thieves it will say something among the lines of out dated drivers. when I check GeForce Experience it says everything is up to date. Minecraft freezes and says exit code one in the launcher. I have already tried reinstalling the drivers and that worked for a few days then it started again. what can I do to fix this
  7. for apex it says something like engine error, and for minecraft it just says error code one or just doesn't say anything
  8. I would be playing a game and then everything freezes and the game closes and gives me a error message (from the game not windows), there are some game where it happens more than others, like Minecraft and Forza horizon 4 and sometimes apex's legends
  9. hello! i built a new computer a few weeks ago, and i have the latest gpu drivers and gams will just randomly crash. what can i do to fix this?