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    johnyb98 reacted to LogicalDrm in antivirus buy and install 2 user account   
    While some of things will depend on what AV it is, and their support is best place to ask these questions. I can answer as BitDefender user. It locks to PCs name, not individual user accounts. The software does make distinction between accounts, but only for advanced controls, such as parental stuff. So I have 5pc license. One is on my main PC, 2nd is my laptop, 3rd is my moms laptop, 4th is my phone and 5th is my tablet. All of them are identified by name of the device in settings.
    Upon installing any software as admin account, you will be asked if software will be for the current account or all accounts. If you would try it with normal account (if you had any), it wouldn't even give option to install software for all.
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    johnyb98 reacted to Grand Admiral Thrawn in antivirus buy and install 2 user account   
    Why not just use Windows Defender?
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    johnyb98 reacted to Chris Greene in antivirus buy and install 2 user account   
    If its 3rd party I wouldn't get it as Microsoft Security Essentials(Windows Security) is pretty much good enough barring a premium account to say Malware Bytes. Avast and Norton are not the greatest nor worth a subscription. But that's just my two cents, and yes typically any purchases made on the Admin account will have to be shared in their preferences with all accounts not just the admin if the user account wants to use the program and it isn't bound to a user log in the guest account may need.
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    johnyb98 reacted to mariushm in POS (point of sale) terminal   
    I would give it or something further away from the other computers. 
    if you add or remove computers, if there's some power failure for example and computers which have DHCP enabled (auto get IP from router), they may turn on faster than the POS and "steal" that IP from the POS and then the POS will be stuck in a loop, unable to take the fixed IP address for itself. 
    DNS is only needed if you want the POS to have internet access. If so, use the IP of your ISP's DNS or use a public dns like Google's ( /  or Cloudflare ( or OpenDNS  ( or .. these are just 3 examples. 
    Gateway ... leave empty (i'm not 100% sure) but you shouldn't need it.
    Only IP and subnet mask are needed for network communication.
    PS. Keep in mind that some routers which also have wireless, are configured by default to assign IPs to devices connected wireless  from a specific range, like for example starting from onwards, or something like that. 
    basically, just keep a "buffer" between your fixed ip devices and ips that are assigned automatically to devices.
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    johnyb98 reacted to FitnessOgre in mails with no public IP   
    While you can install Exchange on the Same server as an Active Directory Domain Controller, for basic testing and learning it will be fine, but aside from that its not recommended. Frankly on my home server I run Vmware and have multiple guest servers running on my host. I have a Active Directory Domain Controller, a File Server, and plenty of space for test servers such as Exchange, SQL, Web and Application servers. Having a virtualization host is a whole other rabbit hole. 

    When you create a domain controller for your active directory domain, you will also install DNS and a few other Directory Services components that will be needed for Exchange Servers Setup to even start. The Exchange 2019 install will tell you what your pre-requisites are and will help you install them. 

    Some other gotcha's that I have learned.

    Disk space. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of disk to allow Exchange to "Breath". With the release of 2013 and later Microsoft has increased the amount of diagnostic logging that the server does. All these logs will be located in the install directory for exchange, so if you notice that you are running out of disk space chances are its full of logs. The IIS inetpub directory will also fill with logs so you may want to look for a log cleanup PowerShell command to run or manually go in and clear the logs... Recommend a script of some sort as this can be very tedious. 

    Exchange Databases need to be backed up or have Circular Logging enabled, otherwise the Exchange Transaction logs are going to fill up the disk, with circular logging the logs will be committed to the mailbox database regularly. For what you are doing circular logging will suffice as this isn't an production deployment. This will keep your disk usage under control. 

    Exchange server is a disk hungry application. If those disks fill up, Exchange stops working. 

    Try to install Exchange on a separate disk from your OS. At least of the Install drive fills up your sever won't completely crap out. 

    Use powershell as much as you can to do exchange tasks. This really helps you to learn how to administer the server. Yes the Web Console is functional and frankly easier for some tasks. However I find that Powershell is more "verbose" about issues, learn to use the exchange management shell. Its helped me do a lot of things that the Console and ECP just don't do. 

    If you decide to remove it and still want your Active Directory to work after, make sure you uninstall it properly. Otherwise there is all kinds of leftover bits and issues left behind. This was my experience with 2003 and 2010 version of Exchange. 2016 and 2019 seem pretty solid, though I haven't had to uninstall either of those. 
    Seriously there is so many little things that Exchange needs to function. Good luck with your learning.  

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    johnyb98 reacted to brwainer in mails with no public IP   
    If there is some sort of redundancy (either a cluster of mail servers, or a single mail server accessible via multiple IP addresses on different ISPs), then each redundant option would have its own MX record. Basically, its one MX record for each public IP address which has a mail server. Even though the MX record points to an A record, not directly to an IP address, it is not good to have a single MX record point to an A record with multiple IP addresses.
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    johnyb98 reacted to brwainer in mails with no public IP   
    You are correct. “Server” has two meanings. One is a software that provides a service - in the case of a mail server, it provides mail delivery via SMTP and mail retrieval via POP3 or IMAP or a web interface. The other meaning is a computer dedicated to running such software, whether by design (rackmounted, having resources like RAM or storage that are tuned to running services) or configuration (having a server optimized OS, running only services and not being used as a local desktop).
    This is true of any “server”, not just mail servers. A minecraft server (software) can be run on any computer. A server (hardware) can be used as a high end workstation by putting in a GPU. A server (hardware) can be made out of regular PC parts, not ones designed for server use.
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    johnyb98 reacted to FitnessOgre in mails with no public IP   
    Also you need Active Directory. Exchange will not work without it.
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    johnyb98 reacted to Kilrah in mails with no public IP   
    There are services to link your domain to a dynamic ip, but I don't know any that are free. Managed DNS from no-ip is $30/year.
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    johnyb98 reacted to Denned in mails with no public IP   
    There's free DNS services like Cloudflare, but you would still need a domain name. Payed ones doesn't cost a lot, otherwise there's free alternatives like .tk
    But you don't actually need all that, if you're just want to set it up and try to get it working. You can just use a local domain with a local DNS server and set up your Exchange server with that. Now obviously it wont work outside your network. But you would be able set it up, and get it working with PC / mail clients on your local network.
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    johnyb98 reacted to SupaKomputa in mails with no public IP   
    1. Buy domain name, or get a free .GA, .TK etc domains.
    2. Go to cloudflare, host your domain there for free.
    3. Get a free mailbox (yandex, zoho, etc) https://www.freshtechtips.com/2016/12/free-custom-domain-email-hosting.html
    4. Follow the instruction on the mailhost to edit the MX in cloudflare.
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    johnyb98 reacted to porina in public IP in local host machine?   
    You can assign any IP address you like, and locally speaking it will work. The problems with that only begin when you try to route between networks. Someone outside your network trying to access that public IP will go to the properly assigned system. Also there is a small chance that you might want to access that public system, but get routed to your local one instead. I think you can file it under bad practice and it should be avoided, but there's nothing stopping you from doing it if you really want to.
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    johnyb98 got a reaction from boggy77 in compared CPUs   
    Thank you a lot for your explanatory answer.
    Also, thank you all for your help giving me with your informative answers!!
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    johnyb98 reacted to boggy77 in compared CPUs   
    yes, ryzen 5 is much better and i'm sure there are laptops out there in your budget that have a ryzen 5
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    johnyb98 reacted to Matttaj69 in compared CPUs   
    AMDs processors have become so good in the last few years and I can say, that your i5 is somewhere between AMD A6-7480 and an Athlon 200GE. (These are desktop CPUs). If you are planning to buy a new one, go for ryzen 3.
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    johnyb98 got a reaction from Matttaj69 in compared CPUs   
    Yes, my purpose is to go for a new laptop for SAP application. So, from your answers, is to go for a Ryzen 3.
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    johnyb98 reacted to Fasauceome in compared CPUs   
    AMD doesn't make an equivalent to that CPU
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    johnyb98 reacted to boggy77 in compared CPUs   
    i guess AMD Ryzen™ 3 2200U is the closest
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    johnyb98 reacted to Konrad_K in compared CPUs   
    AMD didn't release any higher-end ultrabook class CPU's before Ryzen. The weakest Ryzen mobile chip is the R3 2200U, so i suspect the performance should be comparable. 
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    johnyb98 reacted to Enderman in psu mounting direction   
    Cases that have a PSU intake vent on the bottom will also have feet that raise the case off the floor.
    They would not put an intake on the bottom if the case had nowhere to get airflow.
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    johnyb98 reacted to Votivee in psu mounting direction   
    Definitely fan up. If there is a PSU shroud in your case I recommend you remove it or get a different case.
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    johnyb98 reacted to Blze001 in psu mounting direction   
    If you're putting the case on carpet or flush with the floor, fan up for sure. While best practice is to have as many components sucking in fresh air as possible, the PSU is one of the few where taking in warmer air from the case won't be the end of the world, provided you aren't running it at full load all the time.
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    johnyb98 reacted to BigRom in psu calculator   
    THat's why I recommended using a B450 motherboard, you can just drop in either a 1st or 2nd gen Ryzen and it will work. You don't have to flash anything as its backwards compatible with the 1st gen and was made for the 2nd gen anyway.
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    johnyb98 reacted to LogicalDrm in windows operating system price difference   
    Well, yes and no. With Win10 you still have Microsoft selling keys too. They do sell USB installers too, but pricing is about same with just digital licenses.
    The cheap keys are grey market ones, and no one but seller knows where they did come from originally.
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    johnyb98 reacted to zlolslavez in windows operating system price difference   
    Those key only products are what is considered to be grey-market, as the keys are obtained in unusual ways. Basically they will likely activate but you have no guarantee that it will stay activated, where the dvd with key should be a normal key (although I'm not sure how much I trust eBay sellers with that). I have a grey-market key for six months now and been fine but YMMV.