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  1. That's great. MS must have fixed the featured bugs
  2. If you look at the Microsoft OS software (consoles also have an OS but not as in your face as it is with a computer), then you can see the PC generations quite easily. MS DOS to Windows ME (Win95.98 just on top of DOS, ME was the break away from DOS) to XP (a move away from even ME) and finally to Vista to eventually Win 10/11 (that is not quite the same as Vista, its kind of a ME leap). There is also CPU leaps that can also define generations and they are reflected by the OS changes of the time. 16, 32 and 64, bit then multicore. CPU first but without the OS the potential of the CPC wasn
  3. I found I had issues install Vista then adding XP pro as a second boot drive. This was my fix. Vista was already on 1 drive so I turned the drive off in the bios and then reboot with a second blank HDD and installed XP Pro on it. Next with both drives now turned on in the BIOS, Vista the 1st drive, XP the 2nd, it still wouldn't duel boot. So I searched the web looking for a solution and discovered what I was experiencing was common for Vista users, and based on what I read I purchased OSL2000 When installed OSL2000 on the Vista HDD, it managed the duel booting flawlessly by of
  4. I'm late to answer this but when Vista was released I bought a PC which I expected to be a duel boot Vista and XP, but the builders had only installed Vista and not even bothered to send me both OS. So after I got my XP pro sent to me I found it wouldn't install with Vista in situ so this was my fix. Vista was already on 1 drive so I turned it off in the bios and then on reboot installed XP on a different drive. With both drives now turned on, Vista the 1st drive, XP the 2nd, but it still wouldn't duel boot. So I searched the web and purchased OSL2000 which when installed,
  5. It's possible, but I suspect it will be a small amount of players who want to be physical in a game, unless they get it to virtual football or Battle Royale level?
  6. Lets say you have a good build to play every game of today and most of the past so that alone will last you a long time in games. As a broader question, just what will be the next big game improvement? I can only think it will be even more realistic gfx, so games of the near future will require the GFX card muscle and chipsets
  7. indeed. I've bought totally different brands of GPU/CPU because quite frankly they were better as good as and cheaper than the main brands at the time. I'm sure if a new brand started making parts and it was superior in some way to the main brands I'd consider buying it.
  8. bias has nothing to do with ethics which are lines in the sand you or society decide not to cross. people should always attempt to get extra information on a topic, even information from the opponents, give the 'facts' the baloney test, and decide for themselves. Trusting a single person to always give you the correct information is behind every major F-up in the history of the world.
  9. Was it a kit sold as a 3200mhz CL16? If it was then don't bother as if it could go faster the maker would have sold it at the higher price. If you still want to try, then google for how to do it on the motherboard you own as I found it a complex subject with pages of pictures and text when I looked at the subject for my PC.
  10. Keep the receipt near the system to show the authorities when they ask if it was stolen? Otherwise don't worry.
  11. A lot depends on the environment the PC lives in. How much protection you put in place to slow down the dust getting in. Once a year could be a minimum. A really deep clean where you take apart fan covers and remove parts to really get at them every two? But I myself living in the suburbs of a major city find twice a year was a minimum before parts would be at risk of overheating before I added pre entry dust filters to the case, The cons I have read regarding vacuum cleaners is it builds up static in the air. I have used a VAX cleaner, the plastic end of the hose, and a 1/4 inch pai
  12. actually that isn't always true. Sometimes peripherals will only work with an OS of that PC's generation. For instance a printer only fit for my DOS based 386, printer that only works in Win95/98ME so that's the Pentium era as well as a MS slider controller, a vibrating joystick and scanner. Same with certain components, be it hardware or software, if you want to play/use them you have to use the older PC. I wonder how many items Win11 might break?
  13. cmos and laptop batteries tend not to last that long, switches and USB slots also can die and need replacing, but we are talking years
  14. turn base. They don't usually have ultra high graphics, sometimes need multicores, like Civ VI but they do share is a need to calculates each game turn for each AI so the faster the individual core the less time each AI turn takes.
  15. 2 sticks will be fine, as will 16Gb. My system uses 12Gb as a rule, but I decided to get 4 sticks in the end, It makes for no gaps in the LED display and maybe 32Gb to allow room for program expansion demands of the future?