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  1. Pls help. Anytime I try to boot my laptop, it always go to the Automatic Repair page. I don't know what to do
  2. It's an ASUS A55V. Intel core i3 2nd gen 4gb ram Nvidia Geforce GT 520M
  3. Uhh pls help I have a problem with my laptop keyboard. I can't use it to type anything but I could still use it to play video games and it would only be able to type if I leave it for a while, or I play games with it for a long time. What's the problem
  4. Please recommend me the best games for am Intel Celeron 8gb RAM.
  5. Ok guys I have a question. I know Fortnite is an extremely optimized game and Fortnite mobile is more optimized. So if I run Fortnite mobile on an Android emulator on an Intel Celeron with 8gb RAM, will it run properly?