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  1. I think I will just put it inside something that's padded from the inside and hard from the outside when I'm not using it and for example traveling.
  2. Okay, I updated the topic to make the lifetime expectation more reasonable.
  3. Hello everyone! Me and my family have over 30 years worth of photos & videos that occupy over 2 TB on my personal computer and since I do some stuff that (for me at least) seem quite dangerous (for example: duel booting operating systems, developing apps & games, installing Windows 10 updates, etc...). I almost get a cardiac arrest whenever I think about what would happen if I screwup at some point and do something that might lead to corrupt the data on the HDD or if the HDD itself fails. I've had this HDD (It's from Western Digital) since 2011 or 20
  4. RGB only makes things more expensive, at least here in Egypt. Thanks for the other tips though.
  5. It's a personal project and I fortunately don't lack either knowledge or experience I have been working with Unreal Engine since it was released in 2014 and I have been programming with C++ since I was 10 (Back then I was learning, you get the point.) and a common theme with any C++ project that utilizes a big library (Huge incase of UE4) that it will compile extremely slowly and it's extremely hardware dependent.
  6. Thanks for you input. An RTX 3090 I guess is the best (if you have the money) for any situation.
  7. You might have heard how long it takes to compile a simple code change in Unreal Engine have you? That's why I mentioned these two in particular. Thanks for the heads up anyways!
  8. I'm an artist and a programmer and I would like to know, what makes a computer overall faster when doing certain operations like opening a program, saving HUGE vector art documents, rendering 3D scenes in blender, importing files into a game engine (specifically Unity & Unreal Engine) and compiling code? Should I go with a very high-end CPU like a Ryzen™ Threadripper™ or an Intel i9 and get a mid-range GPU (if I can find one) like the Radeon RX 5700 XT or the RTX 2060 Super for example? Or should I have both a high-end CPU & GPU? I mainly do programming, art (Ve