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  1. @SpiderMan Thank you so much, going with the RMA request right away! This is my first in this forum. I'm so happy you guys are here to help and I never expected such a quick response. LTT rocks!
  2. Haaa! Thank you so much, that is such a relief. This is my first AMD PC, and I kept wondering if I did the thermal paste thing correctly. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you! Will move the good one to the middle. It's just been a week since the purchase. I'll contact Noctua Support. Thanks!
  4. @1982 Original Thanks for your response. Room temp at 30C/86F CPU Idle Temp at 40C/104F CPU Max Temp at 80C/176F CPU Clock Speed at 4004 to 4024 MHz CPU Voltage at 1.3 to 1.314volt Not sure how many watts the CPU consumes but the RAW Power consumption difference is from 200watts/238volts(Idle) to 342watts/236volts(Max CPU Utilization) These are observed during the Cinebench R23 Multi-CPU Test
  5. @Bombastinator Results: Additional fan running at 1520rpm, very light vibration CPU Fan in the middle running at 1512rpm, obvious vibration
  6. So, if not for the vibration, the mentioned temps are good then?
  7. Facing the same directions as shown in the manual. Unplugging one at a time and run at 100%, doing it now!
  8. All good. Just checked them again... Nudging the towers doesn't move a thing at the base or the retention mechanism. The Spring retention screws are perfectly fit and aligned, as well. I have one fan slightly offset due to the Tall RAM modules. Otherwise, both coolers perfectly aligned to the towers. I'm adding a picture to show the offset...
  9. I just got a Ryzen 9 3900XT with a new Noctua NH-D15 Cooler. Just installed it. I have the exact same issue. The cooling towers vibrate at max fan speed. I actually see it vibrating, IF I watch it close enough. I confirmed it by touching the towers. The base seems stable though. Is this because of a failed fan? Should I go for an RMA? As far as the temps go... Min temp 37°C, when idle Max temp 82°C, while at full CPU Utilization, on Cinebench R23 Any responses or insights, are deeply appreciated. Thanks!