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  1. Is there a way to disable the windows snapping only between monitors? Because every time I try to drag a window from 1 monitor to another it gets stuck between the monitors trying to snap to the side of it
  2. Lately I've been getting the CHKDSK on boot. I let it run, it passes with 0 bad sectors and no errors I also did the laptop's hardware troubleshooting and it found no errors. But quite often at boot and randomly the CHKDSK returns (again with no errors) it's an NVME ssd What could cause the issue?
  3. Yep, found the reason in event viewer: unexpected shutdown due to critical thermal event. The laptop has cooling problems
  4. After the 6th time I turned it on it booted normally.. did not show this message again
  5. Hi I have a laptop that's connected to my company's domain. I am currently not in the office and not connected the the domain. I had a restart pending after a Windows Update. I clicked Restart. After this restart Windows keeps booting into the welcome screen with a message that says something about my organization controls some of the updates. not sure what is the exact message. And then it shuts down. I already turned it on 4 times, same result - it shuts down after the welcome screen and the message. what should I do? T
  6. Nope, nothing. I disabled "AMD External Events Utility Service" as suggested and it really stopped. But not sure what are the consequences
  7. On every reboot I get the message "your hardware settings have changed. please reboot your computer for these changes to take effect" I am using a Ryzen APU and it's related to the graphics driver because when I removed it and used Microsoft Basic driver it stopped. How can I fix it? I saw a solution that says to stop the AMD service called "AMD External Events Utility". But before I do that I want to know if there's a real fix, and not just work around that requires stopping services Thanks
  8. I'm switching between claw and grip. I had a heavy but small mouse, and I liked the weight, more than the lightweight deathadder. Also my hands are big. so I will look at the Ironclaw. thank you. And yes it really feels like a bad design.. not sure how can someone find it comfortable
  9. The Linux + Windows 11 as VM is not so good, at least from my past experience: It never runs as smooth as on the PC itself. Unless you suggest me a good VM software for Linux that can run Windows well? Also, can you run a VM and make it boot with TPM 2.0 even if the host Linux does not have? finally I found out what's those connectors are for!
  10. I just saw Linus video about low cost older gen CPUs: But soon Windows 11 is rolling out and it won't support CPUs without TPM 2.0, that's on gen 8 and above, so that's a deal breaker for the CPUs in this video. However, I saw somewhere that some older gen CPUs might have TPM 2.0. But I couldn't find any information about it. Anywhere to find it? Ty
  11. I never had ergonomic shaped mouse like the Deathadder V2, only ambidextrous mice and I thought it would be comfortable. But one day of usage and I get that weird pain in the back of my hand as if I've been gripping something hard for a long time And it's actually true: because of the weird slope to the right of the mouse, the pinky and ring fingers just sit to the side of the mouse, on top of each other without anything to grip (the most annoying feeling - that the ring finger always pushes the pinky down), so only the 3 left fingers can grip the mouse and work harder.
  12. Ooo wow didn't know that even Intel has such difference from 2666Mhz to 3200Mhz. Thought it was only for AMD's Zen. Do you know how much boost it gives in the specific purpose of this PC which is Fortnite gaming?
  13. But will the 10400F take advantage of that? There are, but more expensive and the budget already passed the limit I think you meant H510*?
  14. So I think I will get the B460M Aorus Pro!