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  1. Hi everyone, What is the thing on the picture called? Thanks...
  2. Hi everyone, I wanna ask what does it mean? I recorded videos on my phone, then transfer it to the pc. And that thing come up? Help please, thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to ask, What are the equipments those are needed to repair graphic card. Thanks
  4. i will try it sir, thanks alot for the help
  5. its a 2006 HP pavillion thanks
  6. hi everyone, i need suggestion, my laptop can't turn on the condition is like this, even if i plug it to the house electric power, then i press the power button the power light will be on then after a second it will die. what is the problem ya? thanks
  7. Is this an original sapphire pulse rx 550 2gb gpu? Thanks
  8. hi everyone, i have a hd 3470 graphic card, it shows no display. and also when i power on the pc with the graphic card, the pc sometimes turn off by itself, but sometimes it just run. however without the graphic card it is on with no problem. any suggestion please thanks
  9. hi everyone, is that a broken connection on the graphic card? the one that has three legs, but seems like one is broken thanks