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  1. What about for future proofing? Will the i7 be better if I clock it too it's max boost or...?
  2. Hello! I plan on getting a B460 motherboard and I wanna replace my old motherboard and processor with some new CPU's. On Newegg I saw that I have 2 options. An Intel Core i7-10700f or an i5-10600kf. Both perform exactly similarly, and I wanna know which is best for gaming? I have read that the i5-10600kf is only limited to 2666mhz, and I have 2 x 8 gb sticks of 3200mhz RAM. I will be pairing this with an RTX 3060 Ti. And before you say anything, NO I do not intend to overclock. The only thing I would change to the CPU is the speed at which it runs at (Boost)
  3. Do you get any signal when you start your computer? Or is it a black screen?
  4. Hmm... Can you open up and inspect the computer? Do you see any black spots around the motherboard? If you don't see any take of the GPU and try starting it up. If that doesn't work honestly either check the processor for damage or the RAM.
  5. Would you mind providing me with system specs? How old your computer is, and specifically how old your motherboard is. Also, have you tried seeing a problem starting it up? When you start up do you get an error code / message? Does the BIOS tell you to press F1 to setup the machine?
  6. Hey. I was gonna flash my BIOS with an unlocker and the person said to "Reset the CMOS before flashing". How would I do that? I saw 2 videos both recommending disconnecting the battery from the Motherboard, and moving the jumper cables. Which do I do? Which is more safer? Thanks - Coolart1
  7. I was wrong, guess it was 8 gb stick and 4gb stick. But hey, untrained human eye does wonders in mother nature!
  8. It's most likely that they stopped production of the k series due to it's uhm, "not so good specs?" There is no way it's the Oculus version, as the 1050 does not meet the requirements for VR. So the CD-KO is most likely a 1060 and an i5-7400 or i7-7700 If I can safely do 2400mhz I would be glad, since I want an improvement over the previous 12gig stick. I'll show you an image of it.
  9. I mean, the computer above was a CD, I don't know where they list the CD-K but I'll find it. Here: https://www.kitguru.net/desktop-pc/gaming-rig/dale-shaughnessy/asus-gaming-g11cd-k-gtx-1050-i5-7400-kabylake/
  10. Yes, my i7-7700 supports 2400mhz. And this is also not important but my stock computer came with a GTX 1050 & i5-7400. And as I said previously I upgraded both of those, hope you got 'em correct for the BIOS.
  11. This is all confusing me, but let me address something first. I replaced the GPU with a Zotac GTX 1060 3gb mini. And since my power supply didn't have any 6 or 8 pins, I bought a Corsair power supply rated at 750 watts Platinum. I currently have NO idea what you're talking about with my BIOS, since I'm an amateur. If anything you seem to be speaking Minecraft enchantment language when you talked about BIOS settings. For my birthday this year, I'll be replacing my Mobo on my prebuilt with a b460 or maybe z490 board, but I will keep the case because IMO it still looks sick.
  12. Look I don't know where it came from, it was in my prebuilt PC. But yeah.