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  1. thanks for the response, ill start to just shutdown through start just in case.
  2. when i shut down my computer, i simply just hold the power button for about 1-5 seconds... should i not being doing this? or should i just press start, power, shut down instead? there is no way in hell i am doing a fresh install of windows again. I did it for my SSD about a couple weeks ago and went through hell if you see my past problems.
  3. Hello, so I have had this weird problem where I boot my computer, (this only happens at random) but I boot, windows launches pretty quick, but I dont see the bios screen (which i usually do when i boot) and i see that my windows profile pictute is blank. When I get in, I cannot open file explorer at all or if I do it'll take any time to open and it wont show me all my documents, i cant access my HDD or SSD or anything its literally just a blank, very slow booting, flie explorer. I also cant open anything on the task bar like notifications, start button wont even bring up the start apps, but I
  4. yes, it all worked out. thank you so much!
  5. ? I think you're looking at the browser. It gave me an error "DiskPart has encountered an error: The media is write protected. See the System Event Log for more information."
  6. So I've done what it's said so far and it gave me this error, what should I do?
  7. thank you, I will try it out!
  8. I wouldn’t be here if I knew how to do what I wanted to do. Working with hard drives and ssd’s and windows isn’t always straight forward and easy to learn...
  9. Hey, so i am essentially just trying to delete everything on my HDD and make it new again! There is a old copy of windows 10 on it but its not being used, as I have windows 10 on my ssd along with everything else. Yes I really just want a straight simple answer on how to essentially delete everything, make it new again, and be able to put some games and what not on it. If anyone could provide me with a video or simply just make a list with steps on how to do it. I would prefer steps rather than watch someone for 10 minutes and something not turning out right. *note* For some r
  10. Specs Msi b360m pro vh Msi radeon rx570 oc i7-9700k h100x corsair cooler 8GBx2 Patriot viper ddr4 thermaltake smart600w seagate barracuda 1TB HDD wd black sn750 500GB SSD I have never head of Event Viewer Application. I cannot get even get into task manager unless I restart and it hopefully boots normally. I've heard of it, but I don't think I've used it.
  11. Hello, so I have a problem I believe with my Windows 10. The first time I noticed was when I couldn't suddenly click anything on my task bar, nothin opens, or it takes literally 5 minutes to open and there will be 5+ of the window open. So initially, I can't click the windows start button, file explorer, notifications, audio, time. I had tried searching it up but no one is really having the same problem as me, someone said to go into task manager but I literally cannot open it. Also to let you know, this problem only happens sometimes. I will boot my pc and everything is working flawlessl
  12. Thanks so much, hope you have a good day!
  13. I am a little not on the smart side when it comes to media and all this stuff, I had thought when I installed my new one and logged into it on my SSD, that my HDD wouldn’t keep everything that was on windows. I am currently going into my users file to access my files. Also one other thing, when I open bios to change boot options, I have to use my SSD, but its almost like it made another one but its called SSD Boot Manager? (I use that to boot)Is it supposed to or allowed to run off of that?
  14. what do I do now? As you see on the left of file explorer it shows pictures/documents/videos ? I had stuff in those I do not know how to get that all
  15. how do I do that? do you mean just having the SSD as boot option #1 then just having my HDD plugged to the side ? I will boot that way like I did yesterday and send a pic of what I see