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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    GIGABYTE B450 Ultra Durable Motherboard
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    2x8 gb 3200 mhz cl 16 kit from Patriot
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 Super from Palit
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    1x 240gb ssd from Adata SU630, 1tb hdd from Toshiba
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    Zalman 600-LXII
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    windows 10, linux

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  1. couple bucks ain't that big of a deal for me but thanks
  2. I was hoping to get a simple answer not to read 5 page thread..
  3. Hi guys, so i just saw corsair released a new version of rmx psu's. Is it better that I buy the newer one or the older one? What are the differences between them? Should I even care? I looked into specs between them and I only see that the newer model has one more sata connector, different fan bearing technology and fan size which isn't really important... Can somebody that is into psu's explain me which one is worth buying? Thanks. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/RMx-Series/p/CP-9020199-NA#tab-overview
  4. Anyway found the solution... I described a problem on a get help windows app and there I found the solution.. So the solution is to type a following command in cmd(ofc run as an administrator): "reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT /v DisableAbsoluteVolume /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f" and then restart the pc. This solved my problem for now. Thx for helping me anyway.
  5. Every time I try to adjust it it's just not working. I have to adjust the volume on my headphones. I have no clue why is this happening, I tried various methods of fixing it and nothing works so far. I tried controlling the volume with other headphones (jbl e45bt) and it's working. Why is that? Is it a headphone issue, and why? Don't get confused the slider opens and slides I just can't control the volume. I'm using bluetooth headphones jbl tune500bt. Also sometimes the audio just starts crackeling until I restart the system... Also the system recognises the hands free ag audio of the headphon
  6. Hi guys, MSI Afterburner doesn't work in cs:go anymore. It used to work but now it doesn't. MSI Afterburner works perfectly with other games it just doesn't work with cs:go and I didn't change any settings in the game nor in the program. Any clue? Thanks for the help.
  7. oh ok.. I don't remember where I read that but is it possible that they used like a cpu that uses more than 200 watts and a single 8 pin wasn't enough?
  8. Oh ok I thought u need 2 because some users said their motherboard would't boot with just one
  9. Hello! Thx for the info Jonny! No I'm not overclocking a threadripper. I'm 15 and my parents wouldn't probably allow me to do that type of stuff, also I'm kinda poor so.. That extra 8 pin is important to me cuz I would need 2 of them for the cpu because the motherboard has "procool power connector" or something and maybe I'd upgrade a gpu later so it wouldn't be bad to have one extra... Wow didn't know you are actually on this forum what a suprise! All the best, Tim
  10. Hi! Thanks so much for the info, I was watching the connectors so much I didn't even look at the size of the psu lol. I just thought they were still selling old psus... Also thx for confirming that they extended the warranty cuz I didn't even know that's possible wow like I just made that up lol Regards, Tim
  11. Hi! So I'm looking to buy a new power supply for my build but I have a slight problem. I know the exact power supply I want but there are two versions of it. One that is probably newer has one 8 pin connector more than the older one which is really important to me. I'm not shopping irl because I'm far from the city where I can buy it and because of the covid situation. There is just one pic on the online store and I don't get to see the front of the power supply where you can plug the cables, just the back side. Can I somehow know what version it is without going there irl?