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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to Master Disaster in Max safe voltage for 24x7 on Ryzen 5000   
    You shouldn't be forcing an all core OC on to a Ryzen CPU at all. Its gaining you hardly any extra performance under heavy loads but is losing you a fair chunk of performance under light/single threaded loads.
    The best thing you can do with any Zen 2 or 3 CPU is leave it alone.
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to noname278 in Original LTT intro song. (posted this on twitter too)   
    Hi LinusTechTips fans, I found the original intro song! I shazamed it a month ago and it sent me a notification that they found my shazam. SONG: 
    . b
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    Sp4gh3tti got a reaction from Apollo190 in Change the gpu in mining?   
    No problem! By the way, with phoenix you can also control the core utilization (maybe on a per-card basis too?) which I found to also help with maintaining comfy overnight temps, my 2060s only works at 97% on the core 😁
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to Gorgon in BOINC Community Board   
    I’m at 29 years.  I doubt I’ll over take you as you’re still out-producing me by a wide margin.
    I’m surprised @miker07 hasn’t overtaken me yet as he appears to have moved his CPUs back to WCG.
    I lost a 2700 and 2600x to upgrades for the kids’ gaming computers and those rotten kids won’t run BOINC or F@H for me.☹️
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to alpenwasser in F@H and BOINC Badge Request Thread [Last Update: 2021-MAY-14]   
    Stuff should be updated now. Been moving apartments in the past two weeks and had to wait for Internet! The Horror!
    I'll happily relinquish the BOINC leader position (can't comment on F@H), there's another thread for that after all, but the badge assigning unfortunately has to be done be an account with moderator privileges. But yes, while I do still regularly pop in here (mostly for behind-the-scenes stuff and things like this), I'm not around enough for now that it makes much sense for me to be BOINC team leader.
    But I think there might have been a miscommunication -- the idea of the thread was that other mods can process the requests too, not just me. That's the whole point! My bad -- I'll communicate that to the others more clearly so that you young grasshoppers can get your badges more quickly in the future.
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to GOTSpectrum in F@H and BOINC Badge Request Thread [Last Update: 2021-MAY-14]   
    I dont know if you have any way to run my last post up the ladder, but if you do please try to get it seen, I really want to have this sorted, I'd love to run more DC events but without badges being awarded it seems like a pointless endeavour. 
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to Arika S in Play buttons are now victory trophies?? Keemstar!   
    Please don't give either of these idiots any more publicity than zero.
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to Levent in Play buttons are now victory trophies?? Keemstar!   
    Knowing keemstar, I expect there is some single digit IQ drama behind all this.
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to BiotechBen in Cheap PC For Old Games   
    What's your budget? An R5 2600 you can get relatively cheaply $150ish and it'll handle those really well. Currently playing fallout 76 on mine (R5 2600x) with 1080p max
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to piratemonkey in BOINC Community Board   
    Given she has not been in for months, I'd say she is not active. Perhaps it's time for a new team leader 🤔
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to tikker in Best software to mine bitcoin   
    As @Bombastinator says, mining Bitcoin directly is only really profitable nowadays with low power cost and massive specialized ASIC rigs. Your PC won't even tickle them.
    If you are dead set on earning Bitcoin your best bet is most likely Nicehash. It'll use your GPU to mine whatever and pays you in BTC. Fees are higher there, but you'll have to accept that. From reading around pools like Miningpoolhub have the option to autoconvert and pay you in BTC, but I've never done that. You'll still not be mining BTC, but will get paid in it.
    The reason why people suggest you mine Ether or other altcoins is, because they are ASIC resistant or haven't been worth it getting ASICs for. That is why it's still profitable to mine with GPUs. No matter what coin you mine you can always exchange it to BTC on some exchange.
    Mining is done either solo (very luck dependend, wouldn't recommend) or in pools. Examples are ethermine, 2miners, binance etc. Each pool will list the miners they officially support, but support is generally wide. For example, I mine ETH on the Binance pool with T-Rex.
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to TheInfinityBacon in The best GPU to mine with?   
    This. The scenario could change somewhat if you have a fixed power bill, but pushing your GPU to 105% 24/7 is not really a great way to do things in general. They should perform similarly, just like they do in games. The extra $300+ in some cases is not paid for by the very small gains in mining.
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to Eigenvektor in The best GPU to mine with?   
    Afaik people typically underclock/undervolt GPUs for maximum profitability, so a custom model that is more expensive is probably not worth it, since it won't have better performance to offset the increased initial investment.
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    Sp4gh3tti got a reaction from Raleigh in Replacement for windows based msi "mystic light"   
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to gabrielcarvfer in Laptops touchscreen doesn't work after windows reinstall   
    Yup, go to the OEM site and download the driver from there.
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    Sp4gh3tti got a reaction from theMadArgie in 2021 PC Buld (Cyberpunk benchmark)   
    Note you won't have DLSS in 2077 without an Nvidia card, could be essential for higher resolutions
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to WikiForce in How to install windows in a new build?   
    i didn't have a good experience with it and don't like how it works, too simplistic and not as flexible in features like rufus
  18. Informative
    Sp4gh3tti reacted to -iSynthesis in Difference between iGPUs   
    Motherboard GPUs are a relict of the past, pretty much the only application they're still used for is server motherboards for basic Displays.
    They have many disadvantages; They can't be powerful as that would require active cooling. They would increase the cost of the motherboard as it would be another processor that would have to be soldered onto the motherboard.
    Putting it onto the CPU is an easy way out; The GPU is just another addition to the existing silicon. It's connected to the memory anyways and it's actively cooled. It just needs a few extra phases power delivery on the board. 
    They're a viable option nowadays for servers as basic display outputs. A very weak GPU is enough to do so. Also, it wouldn't be viable to try to integrate an iGPU onto a massive die such as an Epyc or Xeon with as many pins as they have already anyways. Also many servers don't require any display output at all so it would be a waste to implement one.
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to LpoolTech in 2021 PC Buld (Cyberpunk benchmark)   
    Two small issue OP said that he would like to stream and video editing, AMD encoding is pure garbage and if you want to stream without using x264 you are sh$t out of luck. Number 2 AMD currently doesn't have anything like DLSS which performs so well and few years down the road could make a difference between having playable frame rates and needing to upgrade.
    Don't take me wrong I wish AMD did better and was an option for streamers/editors but right now its not
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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to ProjectBox153 in first amd gpu   
    You'll need to download the driver from AMD. Here's the link to the driver for your card.
  21. Informative
    Sp4gh3tti reacted to theRooster in Popular Cyberpunk 2077 Mod pulled from Nexusmods over telemetry debate.   
    UPDATE: After much ado about nothing, the mod is back on Nexus Mods with the telemetry removed.
    Popular Cyberpunk 2077 mod "Cyber Engine Tweaks" was pulled from Nexus Mods by the author after simple telemetry to track total concurrent users was added. This mod is the base toolset on which many [most] other mods are built upon, and with NexusMods being the place the majority of mods are hosted, this will require individuals to go to GitHub to grab the dependency manually rather than just clicking "install with vortex" (NexusMods official mod manager). A nexus moderator emailed the mod author (images were posted to discord) that:
    Also going on to say that the only acceptable exception to this rule was instances where internet connectivity was core to the functionality of the mod, and that telemetry did not satisfy the burden of "critical for the functioning of the mod". The moderator then goes on to express discontent that some content was removed from the description of the mod instead directing all users to an off-site wiki. no direct follow-up or response email was mentioned publicly.
    The mod author both on discord and in the issues section of the github page hosting the source code of the mod expressed his disagreement with the assertion of the nexus moderators. The author asserts "Nexus has policies that do not make sense in my opinion" regarding the telemetry as so extremely minimal as to be non-consequential "If just a ping triggers them so much...". The telemetry in question can be seen in a recent update to the code base, and consists of generating a random string each time the game is launched, and using popular command line utility "curl" to POST that string once a minute to "https://cet.tiltedphoques.com/announce". The code running on that server is also available on the mod author's github, and is extremely minimal as it tracks current number of active users and all-time peak concurrent users.
    After the initial email, the author removed the mod from the nexus, and several issues were quickly posted to the github from confused nexus users who had not been aware of the messages on discord. On these issues a nexus mods moderator showed up to answer confused users's question "why has the mod been removed from the website", and responded with the very terse reply:
    After further questions from confused users, the nexus mods moderator also asserted the decision was out of "stubbornness", citing a previous "skyrim together fiasco" associated with the author. At this point the mod author joins the discussion, and accuses the moderator of "antagonizing" him personally. Additional discussion makes it clear the mod author does not intend to update the mod to comply with the terms of service, or to re-release the mod on nexusmods at this time.
    My Thoughts
    The mod author seems to be offended that someone might consider the telemetry he included as invasive. For someone with a technical background in coding, it is clearly very minimal telemetry, and the value of good telemetry can be huge when developing a product. The question was even asked why he wanted the data so much, and the answer was basically: because I was curious. To some, this is simply not a good enough answer, and that's apparently also not a good enough answer for the TOS of Nexus. Offended at the idea that his idle curiosity of concurrent user count may be inappropriate to collect, he then proceeds to "punish" nexusmods by pulling his content off their platform "The policy won't change, I am not going to give nexus any right to decide what I can or cannot do with my work". While I disagree with how the moderator handled the situation with effectively name-calling, and going around to all the various online forums to pester this guy, I don't necessarily disagree with the "stubbornness" remark.
     see the various links throughout the post, and attached images of the email conversation (from discord as well)

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    Sp4gh3tti reacted to NZgamer in Project larabee gpu drivers   
    I'd love to see a followup on the Project Larabee video with drivers
  23. Informative
    Sp4gh3tti reacted to Tancraus in Project larabee gpu drivers   
    Hi guys, 
    I’m posting cause I was looking at the video about that project larabee prototype GPU Linus got a couple of years ago. 
    There’s a guy in the comments of that video that claims to be a developer in Crytek and that he has the drivers!! 
    after more than a year since his first response he’s still answering to ppl there on the video maybe you guys should contact him! 
    I’d love to see that card working! 
    hope I was helpful 

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    Sp4gh3tti got a reaction from Fasauceome in Games for a Celeron laptop   
    TF2 (any valve game)
    The first three Hitmans
    Older XCOMs
    GTA3, Vice City
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    Sp4gh3tti got a reaction from HelpfulTechWizard in And up and up those prices go.....   
    And people wonder why these shortages last so long 🤣