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  1. Using a RAM Latency Calculator (https://notkyon.moe/ram-latency.htm) you can see that: Kit 1's absolute latency for memory access is 10 nanoseconds. Kit 2's absolute latency for memory access is 10 nanoseconds. So exactly the same. I'd pick Kit 1 as it is cheaper. And that sweet RGB
  2. I don't remember the exact details but LTT was testing the M.2 GPU (AsRock Rack??) and the CPU was actually doing all the work as the GPU was just so slow.
  3. I have no clue which performance metric to go by but the 760 has: Pixel Rate 24.77 GPixel/s Texture Rate 99.07 GTexel/s FP32 (float) performance 2.378 TFLOPS FP64 (double) performance 99.07 GFLOPS (1:24) While the 3090 has this: Pixel Rate 189.8 GPixel/s Texture Rate 556.0 GTexel/s FP16 (half) performance 35.58 TFLOPS (1:1) FP32 (float) performance 35.58 TFLOPS FP64 (double) performance 556.0 GFLOPS (1:64) Maybe 10 times faster then?
  4. Out of curiosity I'm wondering what a 3090's BTC hashrate would be. Yes, I know ASICs are the only way to mine BTC profitable, but I still want to know! So if anyone knows, please let me know!
  5. I have a silicon lottery winning 6700K and that does 4,7 @ 1.3. About equal to a 7700K in CB R23. Your chip (most likely) isn't that good. But 4.5 GHz @ 1.35 volts provided you have adequate cooling (temps under 80c, preferably under 70c) should be doable. Your RAM can most likely do 2400 MHz at stock timings with a little extra voltage but RAM OCing is extremely fiddly. Not really recommended unless you want to chase stability for hours upon hours.
  6. Ah ok. It sounded like you knew where to get them. Yes, they're spring retention screws but they're wider than other screws I have. I need the screws as I ... don't have them.
  7. @HelpfulTechWizard I don't know if you saw my reply so I'll ping you. I'd appreciate help with finding these screws!
  8. The ones around the core (all 4) and most of the long, black ones that attach the backplate to the backside of the PCB. The screws around the core are (unhelpfully) thicker than some other graphics cards I have lying around.... Thank you for replying.
  9. As the title says, I am looking for screws for a 1080 Ti KPE. If anyone knows where to get them, please let me know!
  10. The 100% fan changes location. It seems it is indeed a board issue then. I'll try to get an RMA
  11. Yes and yes I'll try that, but I think I'll have to RMA the card
  12. I'm not entirely sure what you mean but the fan is plugged all the way in. I could try cleaning the pins though
  13. I can't control the fan as it is not detected
  14. Hey, Got a K|NG|PIN 1080 Ti the other day. Took off the waterblock and installed the air cooler. Unfortunately one fan is spinning at (what I assume is) 100%. The fan is not detected by Afterburner or Precision X1, and I can therefore not control it. The software believes the fans are spinning at a very low RPM because that is what the fans that are detected (number 1 and 2, closest to the I/0) are spinning at. All temps on the card are below 40C. Help appreciated! Other (relevant) system info: 6700K Maximus 8 Formula (latest BIOs) RM7
  15. I have a friend with a couple of P104-100 GPUs (mining 1070s). They all report as 4GB cards, but there are stories online of people flashing 8GB BIOSes on these cards as they actually have 8GB VRAM. But it would be a bad idea to flash a 8GB BIOS on a 4GB model. So he took some pictures of the VRAM, and this is the best image he got. After some googling I have no idea whether this is a 1/2GB (4GB card) chip or a 1GB (8GB card) chip, They all share the same "D9VRL 7WA77", but some chips have "HX39" or "32LD" instead of "4ZHB". So, does someone kn
  16. As the title says, what is PLL Termination Voltage? Was looking through my BIOS (Maximus 8 Formula) and found it. I have no clue what it is, or what it does. So if someone can, please educate me
  17. It wasn't that bad. The install took about 10 minutes, even with that mishap. Helped my school install Windows on 60+ Core i3-powered (8145U) laptops, and each one took 30 minutes at least, and most had an error somewhere in the process, and had to start again. There were also some HP x360 Pentium laptops, they took 2 hours.....
  18. The laptop died, as the battery was empty. lol
  19. Followed your instructions: BitLocker is gone! Installing Windows 10 now, and hopefully I won't hit any more problems. Thanks a lot!
  20. That was my plan. I'm not familiar with Linux - do you have a guide?
  21. I tried that - I couldn't install Windows on the drive due to BitLocker being there. When I hit repair this computer, I needed some BitLocker key thing to be allowed to access the drive via cmd.