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  1. I downloaded afterburner and played with it a little. Found a post about lowering the power and the core count and raising the memory. I did see where the profiles are stored. Oddly i seemed to only be able to save one profile. I'll keep fiddling with this off and on. I didn't see any noticeable difference in hash rate so thats good. Thank you again. I'll keep looking up stuff on the whole power/performance angle. I'm also afraid to mess with my fans as i don't want the card to overheat. Though I suppose i could try lowering them to the quite profile in corsair icue and s
  2. @mick and tikker - thank you! I have some tweaking ahead of me :d One prefollow up question. I can simply pause nicehash now to play games. With these modifications will I have to go to the individual controls then to restart gaming mode? Or is there a front-end package for simple controls? I haven't looked up the previously mentioned program yet.
  3. Thanks. I'll look into that. Sounds like a good savings combo. Oh though my card is the gigabyte oc 3060 ti 8gb model. Im assuming that means its already at peak optimization.
  4. Thanks! Didn't know those existed. I've been wondering about power settings a bit. I have windows running full fat and 5 fans going (3 front, collermaster heatsink fan and a rear fan). Im at 57c on the gpu the last time I checked. I saw 60 to 70c is considered a target range for gpu mining so I think I'm OK there. I'll do some digging on power tuning since I normally just leave everything on since its a desktop and I dont need to worry about battery life. But if I can lower watts that would be beneficial. I dont have a killawatt meter though so im just going o
  5. I had to look up hodl as I'm obviously a crypto noob :d. Very true. I certainly wanted to get real value out of it. As much as it was a learning excercise I wanted a payout too. By the way i just bumped into a tip about lowering the voltage on the card to extend its life. I have the aorus b450 board, would I be able to underclock it that way? Also it may sound like it should be obvious but would under-clocking lower your hash rate? Logically I wouldn't think so as I think its a function of the logic cores. But if its not getting the full power do the Cuda cores wor
  6. I thought I'd give a positive update. I've been running nicehash nonstop since February 8th and have been mining successfully. I did turn it off Thursday for 24 hours to give it a rest but its back on. I did some digging and PayPal doesn't seem to accept bitcoin directly just purchase/sales of it. Im not ready to give my license to coinbase. I did find that there are bitcoin atms and some do withdraw cash from bitcoin. I have to do some more research before going that route. All is not lost as ive cashed in with Gift Cards! Yep got it w
  7. Thanks. I'll keep coinbase in mind. I did checkout PayPal which I already use. It seems it currently only has purchase/sell options like a stock market not direct connection. At least I cant see how just yet. I think ill drop a line to PayPal support for more info. I appreciate all the support.
  8. Thanks for the details! I did decide to go ahead and use it on the base drive as is. I had a hard time getting everything exempted in norton but I did finally get it working. Since Monday afternoon I've gotten .0003 btc! About 13.00usd at current rates. Now I'm working on learning how to cash out my earnings. I did see nicehash requires a minimum of .0005 before withdrawals. I've signed up for coinbase and kraken. However kraken needs my social security number and coinbase needs my driver license. Im actively looking for alternatives.
  9. Thanks! I did get salad loaded once so ill try that again and add it to the exclusion list. For now I'll work on the windows side. When I'm feeling more adventurous ill dig back into ubuntu. Thanks again.
  10. @Electronics Wizardy Thank you for response. Thats too bad about virtualization not having gpu access in windows 10. Thank you for putting me at ease on the risk potential. Is nicehash a good place to start? Also I cant seem to get the usb chipset on Ubuntu. I can get my motherboard chipset. I can see the linksys usb adapter listed in one of the hardware scans. But I cant figure out how to get the manufacturer detail. I also cant get the wlan status with rf kill. I can get it to start but it keeps asking for command after the option.
  11. Hi, New poster here but long time ltt viewer! So my question is a three parter: part 1 - Is there a virtual machine that has direct gpu access that I could use for crypto mining? (I tried the hyper visor built in to windows 10 but I don't know if there is a way to get gpu access in it). part 2 - is it better to dual boot and mine on a separate os and drive? part 3 - how do you enable wifi on ubuntu 20.04 for a wireless usb adapter? Basically i'm scared to put in an exception on norton antivirus to let the mining go if i were to leav