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  1. EDIT: I did a screenshot of a latency result. Is the pagefault high? or anything abnormal?
  2. I know its a bit heavy 1000 Watt Corsair RMx Thanks for your answer, yes I also did this.
  3. Hey thanks for your answer, I know its sound stupid and I know that normally its normal but its really a short freeze. Thats why I dont get it the only thing i notice is that the fps drops in the same moment..
  4. Hello guys, I have a strange issue here. I had an older pc: GTX 970 i7-6700k 16GB DDR4 2333MHz Samsung SSD 960 1k PSU Asrock Z Fat!lity Display: BenQ XL2720Z (144 HZ) i upgraded then to a RTX 2060 (a new one) and after that I experienced some stutters every 10-20 sec. Its not a huge stutter like from 144 fps to 60. Its from 144 to 139 in a instant combined with a really really short stutter /freeze. I then upgraded my whole computer RTX 2060 i5 10600K 16 GB DDR 32
  5. Do you think my gpu has some issues? I'm not sure if it has. I mean my gtx 970 had some perfomance issues (not stuttering but I have to lower the graphic settings) But actually it could be a psu related thing right?
  6. Here are my result for a Samsung 850 SSD 250GB what do you think?
  7. There is a thing I noticed to. my ssd is a 850 pro 250gb (a few games and windows is on that) i just did a benchmark with crystal disk and got by the seq read around 30mb which seems extreme low or? Could it also a drive related issue?
  8. Hey latvian! mhm.. probably is there anyway how to check this psu issue? my ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX schwarz DDR4-3000 DIMM CL15 Dual Kit
  9. Update: All cores are around 20-50% highest peak 60% my gpu is chillin around at 13-25% any idea ?
  10. Yes I've done my gpu change with ddu. But after that, I just reinstalled my whole windows. I'll do and report later thanks.
  11. Hello community, I have a little issue with my new gpu the RTX 2060 Twin Zotac. Since I have this card,I have some stuttering (micro) and I can't explain how this happens. My specs: RTX 2060 (latest version driver) i7 6700k (4,6GHz) Cosair DDR 16GB 3000MHz PSU 650W Win 10 20h2 My old graphics card was the gtx 970. The thing is, that I do not have in all games stuttering. Games which works just fine are: Killing Floor 2 GTA 5 Battlefield 4 Star Wars Battlefront 2 and a fe