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  1. Update: I bought it and recieved the product. Also recieved proof that the product was legally obtained.
  2. Alright I'll deposit tommorow and give it a shot. if i don't get as promised I email paypal that I got scammed right?
  3. True, I could email Paypal and get the money back on my account. So it wouldn't be that big of a risk I am taking.
  4. Stays a risk. Buying keys is also risky. Since it isn't allowed either to buy from third parties. With these sites you are always taking a certain risk that you wouldn't take buying from the manufacturer and I'm well aware. I just wondered will they actually deliver the product in the first place?
  5. I do not really mind as Hitman 3 is the only game I will play on Epic Games. But do you think I would actually recieve the account and credentials for that email they claim I get?
  6. Well really. Quite honestly even trustable sites sell accounts since its the only Way on epic games to sell third party, however i just want some opinions from people who have visited this website before. You get me?
  7. Yes that is why I am asking the community, some people may have purchased there.
  8. And you still have access to the products delivered? I'm mainly scared about not recieving my order/the account being shared with multiple people. Little question: Are you able to change the accounts details after the purchase? or are the details locked to what they are.
  9. Hello. I'm considering buying Hitman 3 from the following site: https://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/products/Hitman-3-Epic-Games-Account-(Digital-Download).html?setCurrencyId=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAsaOBBhA4EiwAo0_AnOwDNTJMDX8lMNVysvSbhMqxEhwOvQ447F2GOviab3DVXCpWdZVW-BoCn_sQAvD_BwE Is this a trustable site? I've read mixed ratings, one says legit, other says never recieved or poorly treated. However I'm unable to spent more then 35. Which is the exact amount they offer it for. I'm just wondering should I buy from this site or rather just save for a couple more months?
  10. Hi I wanted to play Hitman 3 but my parents are not allowing me to. And torrenting may result in a fine. Would anyone be nice enough to let me play Hitman 3? If so please hit me up on Discord (Just add me as friend) <removed by staff>
  11. I found some valuable info: Undervolting seems to be very helpfull I discovered this by the following: I played 1 round without Power Adapter and I had a temperature of 60. I played 1 round WITH the Power Adapter and I had a temperature of 90. It seems to have to do with the volts. Do you by any chance know what the perfect undervolt is?
  12. Okay so since recently my MSI afterburner has been saying LIM1 Temperature in red, what the fuck does this mean?
  13. Yes, also my bios has already been updated when i reset to factory settings it automatically did so.
  14. Unlike the others I want to give a proper explanation of why this is done. The game servers usually reset anywhere from 4AM to 8AM almost every game has their resets set between those times, and there's several reasons as to why they are using those times to reset their servers. The first reason is the most important one, there will be the least amount of players on the servers, making the reset more smoothly, and making sure there's no problems while resetting. The second reason is, that's when people are asleep or atleast the normal ones, that way it causes less confusi