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    BigNavi31 reacted to nemo19 in First time builder. my build can power up but not boot or display   
    I reseated the cpu cooler and placed again the paste, put in order the ram, tried to boot without gpu, still the same results: Post checker lights blink then they turn off but no diplay on monitor. Im going to return the GPU and try to put another one from a friend, I'll post again if I have news,

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    BigNavi31 reacted to richard1177 in Issues with XMP   
    According to your Mobo website, it only supports up to 3200. So your memory isn't officially supported, so there is a very high chance it just won't work.
    Edit: Of course you might be able to get it to work with the steps Tegneren provided, but it might require some tinkering.
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    BigNavi31 reacted to Tegneren in Issues with XMP   
    You can try to loosen the timings a bit, to something like 20-20-20-42
    Or you can try to turn up the voltage to 1.4.
    If that works, you can try tightening them again and lower the voltage step by step until it fails
    The 3200g are Zen 1+, so a bit picky when it comes to RAM
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    BigNavi31 reacted to LordFigTree in Sudden dip in performance with 3090   
    Hey, my CPU (Ryzen 5900x) doesn't support integrated graphics, so the option has been automatically removed from the bios, all drivers are up to date, problem still persist.
    Ok so i know i'm pushing it but it's a Corsair RM650i, i plan to get a new PSU once the Seasonic ones are back in stock, but games have ran with 0 issues since i got the card a few several ago.
    Temperatures are pretty normal, CPU sits around 45-50 idle and max is 70ish when being pushed hard.
    GPU is similar, 45-50 idle and 60-70 when gaming.
    I've think i've checked all the settings i can check, everything looks fine, i noticed the bios settings were changed before i updated the bios and after windows & game driver updates were installed which was odd but i changed them and still no fix.
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    BigNavi31 reacted to EGGSY45 in After turning on the pc this happens.   
    I think my pc has been running without thermal paste bout to get one tube later today 
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    BigNavi31 got a reaction from EGGSY45 in After turning on the pc this happens.   
    Thats quite hot!
    Do you know if the cpu cooler is installed correctly and if there is a good amount of thermal paste between the cpu cooler and cpu?
    How old is the computer?
    I hope this helps 🙂 
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    BigNavi31 got a reaction from MadGoatHaz in First time builder. my build can power up but not boot or display   
    I had a similar issue once 🙂. It was because the memory wasn’t inserted correctly. Make sure that you can’t see the gold contacts on the memory once it has been inserted.
    I hope this helps 🙂 
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    BigNavi31 reacted to tkitch in Unexplainable, Random Packet Loss on ONLY MY Computer   
    That is your problem, you're dropping a buncha packets between the router and your computer.
    You could try hooking the USB Wifi up to a USB Extension cable, and move it around to different places and see if that helps?
    Restarting the router may help, too.
    Or go wired.  Fix all the problems.
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    BigNavi31 reacted to MadGoatHaz in Unexplainable, Random Packet Loss on ONLY MY Computer   
    @BigNavi31beat me to it, have you upgraded to or is there a wireless mouse, keyboard or Bluetooth device in use in the same room? 
    Where is the USB wifi device? (Front panel, back panel, internal header) 
    It's the device capable of 5ghz and do you have a 5ghz broadcast to use? 
    Did your local ip change? If qos is used on the router, is it no longer giving you priority? 
    And lastly, restart your router? 
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    BigNavi31 got a reaction from MadGoatHaz in Unexplainable, Random Packet Loss on ONLY MY Computer   
    (This may be a long shot but) has anything like large sheets of metal been placed in rooms between your pc and your router? This could interfere with the wifi signal and cause a poor connection. Could you try using an ethernet connection to see if it makes a difference? Have you recently started using other wireless devices that operate on the same frequency as your wifi? These could also interfere.
    I hope this helps 🙂 
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    BigNavi31 got a reaction from Embuer in Pc suddenly starts lagging   
    Maybe your psu is not powerful enough for that system?
    I hope this helps 🙂 
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    BigNavi31 got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in Strange GPU behaviour   
    Hi there
    Thank you very much for your advice :-)
    I tried clearing the cmos (so xmp was reset) however, unfortunately, this didn’t seem to make a difference to the problem.
    I am currently doing a fresh install of windows to see if that makes a difference, i am hoping that this will help me determine whether the issue is with the hardware or software.
    Thanks again :-)