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  1. Thank you for your reply If i can find something that works, should I test my Ram using something like MemTest86? Thanks again
  2. Not that long ago, I got some new memory for my pc:(https://uk.crucial.com/memory/ddr4/bl2k8g36c16u4b ) However, I cannot enable xmp while using this memory. If i enable xmp and reboot, I get 3 beeps and the pc wont reboot. This indicates a memory issue. I have tried changing the values (speed, latency, voltage) manually, but I still get the 3 beeps and it wont reboot. I can get the pc to boot again by clearing cmos. The pc works fine when I don’t mess around with xmp or other memory settings. The memory is in slots 2 and 4. I am aware that this memory kit isn
  3. Did anything get damaged while you were transporting the pc, monitors and cables to your new house?
  4. Yep I think that card is a fake - it has a vga port and SLI fingers. The 1050ti does not have either of these.
  5. I had a similar issue once . It was because the memory wasn’t inserted correctly. Make sure that you can’t see the gold contacts on the memory once it has been inserted. I hope this helps
  6. (This may be a long shot but) has anything like large sheets of metal been placed in rooms between your pc and your router? This could interfere with the wifi signal and cause a poor connection. Could you try using an ethernet connection to see if it makes a difference? Have you recently started using other wireless devices that operate on the same frequency as your wifi? These could also interfere. I hope this helps
  7. Scrapyard Wars season 9 corona virus/social distancing edition?
  8. Thats quite hot! Do you know if the cpu cooler is installed correctly and if there is a good amount of thermal paste between the cpu cooler and cpu? How old is the computer? I hope this helps
  9. What Power supply do you own? What are your temperatures and usage for your cpu and gpu like? Did any settings get reset when you installed the windows update or graphics drivers? I hope this helps
  10. maybe try using directX 12 if you are currently using directX 11 This can be changed in the graphics settings in Fortnite. I had an issue like this, and that fixed it. I hope this helps
  11. Hi there, recently I have noticed some strange iCUE processes in task manager. These include: iCUE service for MSI motherboards support and Corsair headset drivers. These seem odd, as I don’t own - and have never used a corsair headset or MSI motherboard. My headset is the steelseries arctis 7 My motherboard is the asrock b450 pro4-f I do own a corsair k63 wireless keyboard and corsair harpoon rgb wireless mouse. Does anyone have any ideas about what these process do/what they are for - especially as they do not seem to relate to my
  12. Hi there, Thanks for your help. I got davinci resolve today, and it’s working well so far Thanks again
  13. Is Resolve good? what features does it come with? Thanks again
  14. Hi there, Thanks for responding I use Blender because I like how it has many different uses. I believe that the codec i use is ffmpeg. Do you recommend using a different codec? Thank you
  15. Hi there, I am trying to edit videos using blender’s video editor, however I have encountered some issues whilst using it. My issue is that when I try and scrub through footage using the scrubber, it’s very laggy, and jumpy. I am only trying to edit 720p footage, and playback is fine. My system specs: OS - win 10 64bit CPU - ryzen 3 3200g CPU cooler - AMD stock cooler GPU - zotac gtx 1660 super twin fan (I am using the gpu as my graphics output, not the igpu) Memory - 1x8GB 3000mhz hyperX ddr4 Mobo - Asrock B450 pro 4-f storage - crucial
  16. Maybe your psu is not powerful enough for that system? I hope this helps
  17. What happens if you try playing with higher graphics settings? I know that sometimes fps can actually be lower on the lowest settings (because the cpu starts bottlenecking the gpu as the gpu has less to do - or something like that). I hope this helps
  18. Have you made sure that your gpu overclock is stable? Have you tried playing Warzone without the OC applied? I hope this helps
  19. Something like a 1050ti or a 1650 would be fine. However, if you wanted to save some more money, you could get a Ryzen 5 3400G or a Ryzen 3 3200G (these are CPUs with integrated graphics - AMD calls them ‘APUs’) With these APUs, you could probably get around 60fps (ish) on low settings on Fortnite (i’m not 100% sure how they would perform in other games). I hope this helps
  20. Have you made sure all of your drivers are up to date? (including keyboard and mouse drivers) Have you done a scan with an antivirus? I hope this helps?
  21. Do you use all of your monitors whilst running gpu intensive programs? (for example using all 3 monitors for one game) How long have you been using those 2 graphics cards together? have you tried taking one of the graphics cards out and using just one graphics card? I hope this helps
  22. It could be software related, you have tried swapping out hardware to see if it makes a difference, but it doesn’t. This suggests that it could more likely be software related. Also, you have a pretty decent cpu, so i don’t think it would be cpu bottlenecking. Have you tried playing around with the settings in game to see if it makes a difference? I hope this helps
  23. So i noticed two strange things about my valley benchmark. The first is that in the results, it said i have windows 8 64 bit - however i have windows 10 64 bit. The second strange thing, was that it said i have 4GB of vram however i have 6GB I have attached a picture of the results of the benchmark. Do you think this could have anything to do with my strange performance issue? Thanks again
  24. Have you got a spare graphics card? You could try putting that in to see if it makes a difference I hope this helps
  25. If you have a spare drive, you could disconnect the drive you currently have, put the new one in and install windows onto the new drive. This could help you to determine if its hardware or software that is causing the issue I hope this helps