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  1. maybe try using directX 12 if you are currently using directX 11 This can be changed in the graphics settings in Fortnite. I had an issue like this, and that fixed it. I hope this helps
  2. Hi there, recently I have noticed some strange iCUE processes in task manager. These include: iCUE service for MSI motherboards support and Corsair headset drivers. These seem odd, as I don’t own - and have never used a corsair headset or MSI motherboard. My headset is the steelseries arctis 7 My motherboard is the asrock b450 pro4-f I do own a corsair k63 wireless keyboard and corsair harpoon rgb wireless mouse. Does anyone have any ideas about what these process do/what they are for - especially as they do not seem to relate to my
  3. Hi there, Thanks for your help. I got davinci resolve today, and it’s working well so far Thanks again
  4. Is Resolve good? what features does it come with? Thanks again
  5. Hi there, Thanks for responding I use Blender because I like how it has many different uses. I believe that the codec i use is ffmpeg. Do you recommend using a different codec? Thank you
  6. Hi there, I am trying to edit videos using blender’s video editor, however I have encountered some issues whilst using it. My issue is that when I try and scrub through footage using the scrubber, it’s very laggy, and jumpy. I am only trying to edit 720p footage, and playback is fine. My system specs: OS - win 10 64bit CPU - ryzen 3 3200g CPU cooler - AMD stock cooler GPU - zotac gtx 1660 super twin fan (I am using the gpu as my graphics output, not the igpu) Memory - 1x8GB 3000mhz hyperX ddr4 Mobo - Asrock B450 pro 4-f storage - crucial
  7. Maybe your psu is not powerful enough for that system? I hope this helps
  8. What happens if you try playing with higher graphics settings? I know that sometimes fps can actually be lower on the lowest settings (because the cpu starts bottlenecking the gpu as the gpu has less to do - or something like that). I hope this helps
  9. Have you made sure that your gpu overclock is stable? Have you tried playing Warzone without the OC applied? I hope this helps
  10. Something like a 1050ti or a 1650 would be fine. However, if you wanted to save some more money, you could get a Ryzen 5 3400G or a Ryzen 3 3200G (these are CPUs with integrated graphics - AMD calls them ‘APUs’) With these APUs, you could probably get around 60fps (ish) on low settings on Fortnite (i’m not 100% sure how they would perform in other games). I hope this helps
  11. Have you made sure all of your drivers are up to date? (including keyboard and mouse drivers) Have you done a scan with an antivirus? I hope this helps?
  12. Do you use all of your monitors whilst running gpu intensive programs? (for example using all 3 monitors for one game) How long have you been using those 2 graphics cards together? have you tried taking one of the graphics cards out and using just one graphics card? I hope this helps
  13. It could be software related, you have tried swapping out hardware to see if it makes a difference, but it doesn’t. This suggests that it could more likely be software related. Also, you have a pretty decent cpu, so i don’t think it would be cpu bottlenecking. Have you tried playing around with the settings in game to see if it makes a difference? I hope this helps
  14. So i noticed two strange things about my valley benchmark. The first is that in the results, it said i have windows 8 64 bit - however i have windows 10 64 bit. The second strange thing, was that it said i have 4GB of vram however i have 6GB I have attached a picture of the results of the benchmark. Do you think this could have anything to do with my strange performance issue? Thanks again
  15. Have you got a spare graphics card? You could try putting that in to see if it makes a difference I hope this helps