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  1. So my desktop is missing a GPU due to shortage so i have to use a laptop for now but today i encountered an issue that i just cant seem to solve. Laptop is lenovo ideapad with following specs: i3 6100U 8GB RAM Nvidia GT940MX 4GB GDDR3 Intel HD 520 iGPU 1TB Samsung 860 EVO (borrowed from my desktop that is waiting for a 3090 due to shortage....) So here is what happened, i was running win 10 on a 256GB SSD (laptop came with 1TB HDD but that died few years ago so in emergency i salvaged small 256GB SSD from dead laptop) and everything was fine exc
  2. Thanks, i will do that, it will probably be enough for a quick test of vr headset
  3. So heres a bit of a wierd test setup that im gonna have to do soon So i got my vive index vr headset recently and want to test if it works so i can return it ASAP if its DOA, but my PC is missing few key components, Corsair ax1600i and both 3090 GPUs have not yet arrived and due to supply issues with both PSU and GPUs it seems those wont arrive anytime soon (before anyone starts with stuff like "sli is dead" or "why waste money on SLI" that i often see on forums when someone mentions SLI just know that its not for gaming, its for 3D rendering and modelling work) All my other p