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Posts posted by JoshuaKoe

  1. 1 hour ago, Giganthrax said:

    I had a problem with gdebi installer that just turned itself off after I clicked the install package button. I solved it by manually finding the downloads folder, right clicking the .deb file, going to properties, and putting Software Installer as the default program to open them with. After that, I could easily install them via the regular software installer. 

    oh I'll try that later!

  2. 8 minutes ago, bruh11111 said:

    U mean different AIBs ? MSI XFX etc...?

    If so yes there is difference in temperature of the card , noise , and sometimes a bit of power consumption and performance.

    Look at reviews and see the best one for the price.

    Alright! It's actually 8:22 PM on my location rn so I'm gonna log off for the night. I'll research tomorrow. Thanks for the help! 🙂 see you tomorrow! 

  3. 3 minutes ago, bruh11111 said:

    Lmao , i thought u already won it.

    Don't get ur hopes too high bro.

    It's like 400-500k people signed up.

    If u wanna save and buy, just save and buy a 3080 or a 3070. They have all you need , ray tracing and really good performance for the price.

    Alright. Are there any difference between vendors on graphics card? Like any software or hardware differences?

  4. 22 minutes ago, bruh11111 said:

    Minecraft RTX doenst even work with AMD gpus , if both are the same price and you really care about rtx then it's 2080ti , if the 2080ti is more expensive...don't do it. 6800 xt is roughly 40% faster and cheaper.

    Maybe wait and try to get a reasonably priced 3070

    the problem is I'm getting it for free soo...

  5. I currently have a GT 710 on my family room PC (not my main one, my main one has a GTX 1650) and I want to replace it. What is the best and cheapest/budget low profile GPU? 


    Family room PC Specs:

    HP Compaq Elite 8000

    Intel Core 2 Duo e8400

    8GB (4 x 2gb) VGeN RAM

    NVIDIA GeForce GT710

    220W PSU

  6. Here's the list of games I will be playing

    - Minecraft Java

    - Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (in RTX)

    - PC Building Simulator

    - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    - Tomb Raider (2012)

    - Cities Skylines

    - Among Us

    - Civilization VI

    - Rocket League

    - Unreal Tournament

    - GTA V

    - Apex Legends

    - Fortnite

    - League of Legends

    - Valorant

    - DOTA 2

    - ARMA II

    - Counter-Strike

    - FarCry

    - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    - PUBG

    - DOOM

    - Battlefield

    - Rise of The Tomb Raider


    Can you recommend the card that will play these games best?