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  1. I play Genshin Impact, Cemu and Cities: Skylines. Will the temperatures skyrocket with it?
  2. Is the stock cooler from intel enough for a core i3-10100?
  3. **update the pc arrived, stuck the gpu in, and it doesn't work well at least I can still play doom and duke nukem 3d on a pentium
  4. I can't install any apps even though it's in a .deb package (32-bit OpenOffice still won't install)
  5. I just installed Lubuntu on a Dell Inspiron Mini 910 with 8GB SSD and 1GB of RAM and got stuck there. Can someone help me out?
  6. https://www.tokopedia.com/aecom3108/vga-rascals-gtx1050ti-4gb-ddr5-128bit?whid=0 Is this a fake? (just look at the images the rest are Indonesian)
  7. Can anyone help me on how to spot a fake graphics card?
  8. Alright! It's actually 8:22 PM on my location rn so I'm gonna log off for the night. I'll research tomorrow. Thanks for the help! see you tomorrow!
  9. Alright. Are there any difference between vendors on graphics card? Like any software or hardware differences?
  10. yes, if i don't win it i'll save up some money to buy it though
  11. I only found 2 cards: the GT 1030 and GTX 745. Both are low profile.
  12. I currently have a GT 710 on my family room PC (not my main one, my main one has a GTX 1650) and I want to replace it. What is the best and cheapest/budget low profile GPU? Family room PC Specs: HP Compaq Elite 8000 Intel Core 2 Duo e8400 8GB (4 x 2gb) VGeN RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT710 220W PSU
  13. I think the GPU is damaged. Have you tried calling the GPU Vendor or NVIDIA?
  14. Here's the list of games I will be playing - Minecraft Java - Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (in RTX) - PC Building Simulator - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Tomb Raider (2012) - Cities Skylines - Among Us - Civilization VI - Rocket League - Unreal Tournament - GTA V - Apex Legends - Fortnite - League of Legends - Valorant - DOTA 2 - ARMA II - Counter-Strike - FarCry - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - PUBG - DOOM - Battlefield - Rise of The Tomb Raider Can you
  15. so if I want to play ray tracing games, I should go with NVIDIA? and I heard that AMD GPUs tend to suck more power than NVIDIA.
  16. what about wattage? Yes I do care about ray tracing but it looks like the 6800 XT can do ray tracing