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  1. should i get a psu or another product and get a gpu as a gift unless...ur not...using it? *puppy eyes, puppy eyes, puppy eyes*
  2. that feels dirty. besides, i'm not smart enough to do that shit
  3. i know their in short stock but jesus, even kijiji barely has any. is there any other way? all i want is a 1080, or something 8gb or more.
  4. New question, can I use 3600mhz ram on a motherboard that says it’s speed is 2400
  5. I bought a b550 motherboard and a ryzen 5 2600. Now I'm worried I might have acted too fast and they aren't compatible. I already got the motherboard and the cpu is being shipped. What should I do?
  6. Sorry, what I meant was: sense I already have it, should I use it for my new build? (My budget is 650 bucks but I have a HDD, and a power supply)
  7. But, if I was on a budget, would this be a good card to use?
  8. But it looks exactly like a grx 1050 Like, every detail
  9. Is it good enough to run vr with 60 fps on lowest settings or to run games like fortnite with 100fps?