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  1. Sorry, what I meant was: sense I already have it, should I use it for my new build? (My budget is 650 bucks but I have a HDD, and a power supply)
  2. But, if I was on a budget, would this be a good card to use?
  3. But it looks exactly like a grx 1050 Like, every detail
  4. Is it good enough to run vr with 60 fps on lowest settings or to run games like fortnite with 100fps?
  5. And is it good enough to play vr games on lowest settings with consistent 60 fps, and is it enough to run games like fortnite on 120 or 140. (I have a good cpu in case you are wondering so that wouldn't affect performance) Context, this is from a gaming PC I got on 2018 for cheap and idk what the graphics card is so I'm asking you guys. I *think* it's an AMD 570x, but I'm still not 100% sure (the whole pc itself was 800 cad so it can't be that bad, right?)
  6. Not badly, gaming is number one priority
  7. Budget (including currency): 890-1000 cad Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: photoshop, esports games on lowest settings, general gaming, game design Other details what I’m looking at is an amd ryzen 5 3600, and I already have a graphics card (2 vgb) with 16gb of ram (or 8 if it’s just too much) everything else is up to you but my predicament is this: should I wait for ps5’s to be in stock, which I would probably use a bit more and is what I originally wanted and am able to play all the games. Or get the pc now so I do
  8. I heard u only wanna go with known and trusted companies and I don’t know if this is known or trusted
  9. Is there anything that looks as good as the h510 but has good air quality
  10. Idk what to get. I really really really like the h510 black. But if it’s just a real bad choice I’ll get the meshify c