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  1. Unfortunately its all I can afford.
  2. I have tried that but my PC cannot handle heavy programs on Windows 10 My Specs are as follows: Motherboard is a Asus P5GC-MX Processor is Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz Memory is 4Gb Graphics is Nvidia GeForce Gt630 So it is quite old.
  3. Good Day, I trust you guys are well? I am writing to ask for advise, recently I created a dual boot hard disk with Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 10 Pro but the dual boot will only work for two to three hours and suddenly Windows 10 no longer becomes bootable and then I have to reinstall Windows 10. I cannot afford a new PC so my best bet is to constantly reinstall windows 10 which is super time consuming and on top of it, it delays my studies and makes it incredibly difficult to play games. Please could get advice on how to solve this issue as I am really at my wits end. Th