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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    Oh oh oh I got it! My neighbor up the street was in middle school and was on the computer. He accidentally opened up Windows Media Player which shows the 3 songs that come stock with W7 (Sleep Away, Kalimba, some othe classical song). His teacher comes along and accuses him of pirating songs in school. He went to the principal's office and his mother told the principal that those were the songs that came with Windows 7.
    *I forget whether I posted this earlier*
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from Ben | Cryptoid UK in Best Open World Racing Game(s)? PC ONLY!   
    I loved Midnight Club Los Angeles when I was younger.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from 17030644 in "How many watts do I need"? Check Here!   
    I still sense noobs asking how much power they need, sadly you can't fix newbiness but you can put it through a wall.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from Beef Boss in What product would you like to see us review that we haven't yet?   
    Well when the K70 RGB comes out you'll obviously do a review of it.
    Maybe a Y50 review?
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in How to spell 'NVIDIA' ?   
    -A friend who was looking to buy a laptop with a GPU.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to Himommies in Console-Sized Build   
    Still not out yet though
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to TrigrH in Console-Sized Build   
    Its the noob pick cos its plug and play, no tweaking the BIOS required.
    If he cant find a suitable ryzen mobo and cant afford a 7700k then sure. 
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to TrigrH in Console-Sized Build   
    mind you a g4560 wont really hold back a 1060 in a lot of titles and you can use that money on a z270 mobo then you have an upgrade path to the 7700K
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to dizmo in Console-Sized Build   
    You're not a noob if you like plug and play. I like plug and play because I don't have the time to sit and fiddle to get it right where I want it. I could, but if I can pay more to not have to, I'm all for it.
    Yeah, it was a little rough at inception. TBH I can't remember how it performs against an i5 but I remember it being quite similar.
    If you're targeting 60fps you'll be fine with an i5. Might be worth seeing if you can find a used 7700? All Intel chips have warranty regardless of proof of purchase, so there's really no risk. Even a 6700 would be worth it over a 7500. I've seen some quite cheap here and there.
    To get the most out of Ryzen you need to play around with it a bit. I don't think it'll play too nicely in a case like that, either.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to TrigrH in Console-Sized Build   
    fast memory:

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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to dizmo in Console-Sized Build   
    The Ghost S1 is coming out this month. I'm not sure on pricing but it's tiny.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to bowrilla in Console-Sized Build   
    For Ryzen there's only the Biostar X370GTN ITX and in about 4 days (according to newegg) the AsRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming ITX/ac. Stay away from the Biostar with anything bigger than a Ryzen 5 as the VRMs and Chokes really get awfully hot with a Ryzen 7 and OC (see review on Hardware Canucks). The AsRock Fatal1ty might be a good option (at a good price according to newegg) but I'd wait for proper reviews with regards on VRM design.

    At blue camp I wouldn't bother with anything below a i5 7600k for a gaming rig that should last like 2+ years and even then you're probably better off with Ryzen 5. So then there's the i7 7700k for about the same as a Ryzen 7 1700 setup. It's basically up to you.
    Thanks to the mining hype 1060s are a bit overpriced and people start going after 1070s so it's a bit tricky to find some cards. You might not go for liquid cooling yet but have an eye on ekwb's compatibility list for their new fluid gaming kits. That way you keep your options. 
    A system like yours won't use more than let's say 300–330W peak so a 450W psu should be enough.
    Why not going for a M.2 drive? The Intel 600p series is pretty affordable for being M key M.2. Saves space and gives you better performance.

    There are several people using all that in extreme SFF cases (way smaller than a Node 202). Personally I'd rather go with Silverstone's RVZ01(-E) or the new RVZ03. Personal favourite: RVZ01 because of the design that allows a full custom loop inside of it. 
    What's your budget for a case? There are several great SFF cases out there, like Zaber Sentry, NCases M1 and DanCases A4-SFX. Sure, they come at quite a premium, but they are really small. The M1 is also made to accomodate watercooling or at least an AiO so there won't be any thermal issues.
    For high performance low profile air cooling suitable for high TDP CPUs there's not that much to go with. Don't know the Cryorig cooler but I'd probably go with Noctua's NH-L9… coolers or Noctua's NH-L12 (if it fits your specific case).
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from NinJake in The flawed math behind curved monitors   
    Wow, really interesting and informational. Best first post ever!
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to patrick3027 in [Amazon-UK] AVANTEK 15"-17" Ultra Slim Laptop Cooler £18.69   
    Linus is just a hypocrite then, since I've seen laptop cooling pads in his ads .
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to Prysin in Microsoft Has Just Blackmailed Linux Twice in One Single Week and the Media Didn’t Notice or Just Ignored It Because of Microsoft’s Charm Offensives   
    they are a practical monopoly, but not a theoretical one.
    In practice, you only has MS that can do ALL the things REALLY WELL.
    Gaming -> Best experience, selection and functionality is in Windows
    Productivity -> Good experience, but it has to fight OSX here.
    Server space -> Good experience, but it has to fight Linux here.
    Gaming -> possible, but full of issues
    Server space -> damn good
    Productivity -> not so good, atleast not in selection of software and plugins
    Gaming -> da fuck is this?
    Productivity -> we got you covered
    Server space -> no no no, servers are custom products, no can do. No free will or alteration allowed.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to shadowbyte in the lean, mean, dank meme machine   
    hello my fellow memers
    today, I shall share a pc that I think you will agree, is dank af
    I built this pc for my friends to use when they visit my humble abode to play online games on the interweb together
    It features:
    A pentium G3258
    an MSI Z97 PC MATE
    8GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM
    the dankest video card ever made, the powercolor HD 6450 that I got for free
    A 1TB WD Blue
    Corsair CX500M
    and the NZXT Source 210 in black
    I have the z97 board because it was 20 dollars more than an H81 one, and I have an upgrade path for danker CPUs
    the build was pretty easy, as I had plenty of mountain dew and doritos

    all of the mlg parts

    I replaced the stock Intel thermal paste with some CRYORIG CP9 for better temps

    and the pentium

    gotta go fast!

    so a hard drive and a stick of RAM go to a bar
    The hard drive asks the stick of RAM "where are we?"
    and the RAM says "I can't remember"

    In case of emergency, take NZXT source 210, fill with components, and play games at 60fps.

    i should open a meme stand


    "mother, there's this girl I like"
    "no. you're too young to fall in love now"
    "but mom, she's x8, just like me!"
    "no, son"
    "dammit mother! she lives just next door and I can't get over her beautiful backplate"
    "son, you shouldn't judge a woman by her backplate. the PCB matters too"
    "but I love her cooler. It makes me overheat when I see her"
    "son, you're a 290x reference card, and she's a 980"
    "dammit mother! someday, I'll get a waterblock. The she won't be able to resist me"

    there it is.
    the dank meme machine.
    I got the G3258 to 4.1 GHz on the stock voltages, and it runs very well.
    I'm currently playing on an old IBM thinkvision monitor with a resolution of 1024x768.
    Mirror's Edge (low settings): 50-60 fps
    Just Cause 2 (low settings): 30-40 fps
    Tomb Raider (low-medium settings): 30-35 fps
    Better than a console, at a fraction of the price.
    a truly quality meme
    better than fucking damn daniel.
    anything is better than that

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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from yuh25 in Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed   
    Unlike a lot of people, I really like Watch Dogs. The hack a person's game system was really fun and the soundtrack of the game wasn't half bad. Now they just need to improve the driving and maybe bring some rooftop action or the ability to get on top of large buildings.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to thekeemo in R6 Siege: Is it comparable to CSGO?   
    They would have a uplay account to play it so just use the uplay thing
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from LokiFire in R6 Siege: Is it comparable to CSGO?   
    I have wayyyy over a thousand hours in BF3, BF4, and BFH. Throw in maybe 200 or so in BC2, 100 in Vietnam, and a 100 in BF1942. I'm kind of a big fan of the series, but I wouldn't ever consider BF4 good for competitive play.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus reacted to Baeger in R6 Siege: Is it comparable to CSGO?   
    I've never been a CSGO guy (or much of a competitive guy either) but Siege is getting me into more competitive shooters, It's a lot more focused on positioning and tactics than CSGO and less so on skill (still important though).  The different operators really make the game special though because as a defender, you have to learn to deal with every type of attacker and as an attacker, you've really got to check your corners and watch out for traps or gadgets that'll blow your position.  Intelligence is also a big part of siege.  the little drone things will save your life.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from matrix07012 in Experiences with non-techies   
    Please warn the authorities if you start licking your own piss instead of drinking water because computers that have used google in the past are used in water distribution facilities.
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from GeekJump in BoS Fallout 4 reminds me of something...   
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    APrettyCoolWalrus got a reaction from ObscureMammal in What song are you listening to right now.   
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