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  1. Generally looking for air cooling. I would like to keep the case under 100 USD. I'll look at those cases. Thanks for the help!
  2. Generally console-style, but I will consider other styles. Portability is key.
  3. Oh ok, didn't know ARMA liked that. Good to know.
  4. Instead of focusing on the CPU, is there anything else I should change? Case? GPU?
  5. To be honest, plug and play is more my style. After years of owning an unlocked CPU I have still never felt the need to overclock, either because of satisfaction or laziness. My current performance is quite fine, and anything past a tier up/ a minor upgrade would be overkill
  6. Is that so? It seems to me that an i5 would still be just fine even in ARMA
  7. I doubt it makes much a difference, but I should be a little more specific with what this build is for. It's just for gaming. I don't stream, I'm not on a schedule when rendering video projects, I just play games. To be more specific, CPU/GPU balanced games such as Squad and CPU-heavy ARMA 3.
  8. OK, noted with the SSD. I'm not familiar with Ryzen, saw a video or two and decided (at the time) that it wasn't worth paying attention to. And yeah, I felt the 7500 was quite a decent chip for someone not looking to OC.
  9. oh alright, I've been out of this a few years so this sort of help is needed, thanks!
  10. Do you think I'll be fine with that PSU? I doubt I'll overclock, so perhaps, but would I get close to using 450 watts?
  11. After months of dealing with critical issues on my current build, I've decided that it might be time for a new computer using recycled money after selling what I have. Basically what I am going for is a console-sized build in a case similar to the Fractal Node 202 or RVZ cases, containing a parts good enough to drive 1080p/1440p games for the next few years. Not talking AAA games at highest settings, just want to stay in a comfortable area in terms of graphics and performance for a while. I am not looking to overclock (would like to keep hardware moderately cool), which is why I chose the chip
  12. Hey OP, is that a Neutral Milk Hotel album cover as your pic?
  13. I have a few games on my wishlist, and even fewer games that I really want to get. Counter-Strike: Source STALKER: Call of Pripyat The Witcher 3 And maybe even H1Z1 King of the Kill, but I gotta know, that's the Battle Royale version, right?
  14. NOooOooOoo the near future setting is so boring! I guess Bad Company 3 is never coming back, but they could have at least fed us a small scale Battlefield 1944.
  15. I could do it, I can watch a CS match anytime. I sure am not the highest rank but I could give you a few nice pointers. Rank is Master Guardian 1, steam is royn. PM me if you need a link to my account, I'm sure a four letter steam name is hard to find.
  16. If it was Assassin's Creed I'd be able to climb walls and snipe my friends' cars from a mile away
  17. Unlike a lot of people, I really like Watch Dogs. The hack a person's game system was really fun and the soundtrack of the game wasn't half bad. Now they just need to improve the driving and maybe bring some rooftop action or the ability to get on top of large buildings.
  18. Yeah nothing like it I suppose, but other games can at least bring competitive gameplay to the table
  19. Thanks all! I got Siege and played with two friends. I had a good time, money well spent!
  20. Oh, is it? That's good, I think I'll save my steam wallet for other things and use paypal for g2a.