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  1. For ages, I have looked for a case that is more compact and can fit a matx, a graphics card and have plenty of space for cooling. I have noticed most sff matx cases either only have space for Low Profile GPUs or could only have larger GPUs if mounted vertically. Well now i found the case for me, and trust me I was to get it from this website as well, see in the link below. https://uk.banggood.com/Micro-ATX-ITX-Black-USB-2_0-Office-Gaming-Computer-Destop-Case-PC-Cases-LED-Fan-p-1626469.html?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_organic&gmcCountry=G
  2. No it does work so I could probably sell it on as faulty but, any frostbit game crashes, Most games eventually crash. As soon as tat GPU reaches 100% usage it crashes. It broke because I forgot the PCI screws like an idiot and it sagged, I caught it as soon as i saw but by then it think the damage had been done. Now I have not 100% confirmed its the GPU, but the visual glitches imply it is a problem with the card. It may be the mother board as my old card wasn't properly registering in my PCIe 16 port which was the one my 1080ti was in when it experienced the extreme sa
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Im in the UK. If I'm going budget wise, I know this is over complicated but if there is something more powerful then my 1080ti I would pay more for it and if there's something less powerful I'm willing to pay less. I bought my 1080 ti for £840 in 2018 so that's the baseline. If I'm honest, my hope is to get a more powerful card for less then that but i know its unlikely.
  4. I recently lost my 1080 ti 11gb GPU, it was so amazing and the peak of Pascal, sadly a forgot a couple of screws and the sag killed it. This means i had to return to my old 980, but this struggles with 1080p 60 let alone the 4k 60 I once had. So I was wondering what can I actually get nowadays? scalpers and miners have taken the best cards and now i cant even get a replacement 1080ti, but were there any of the low end newer gen cards that can achieve the 4k 60 i long for again? If that's not possible then what is the best card that is available t