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  1. this is not a reflection on gigabyte they did not even have the board for rma this is the retailer Xtremmedia i am currently using a gigabyte x570 master it is fantastic
  2. spain is part of the eu if something is for sale in spain that it is for sale in the hole of the eu, europe ls like one big country, like individual state like there in America we rome and can buy sell and work in any part of it so this affects 10 million subscribers, i am sorry that i assumed that the rest of the world just new this, this is why we have a single currency here well apart from Denmark but they even take euros
  3. i have already reported them and ltt is big here in spain they are able to spread the word about things this company and what they are doing
  4. i just received this form gigabyte they never even had the board
  5. https://xtremmedia.com/rma/grab seguridad de reccepcion ped 488330.m4v i just got sent this video of when the received it from me clearly showing the board in perfect condition no thermal past in the socket no chunks missing the wifi intact and the board is not bent
  6. im using a master x570 that i bought as a tem replacement i think this mite be more the retailer
  7. like i said have tried that they delete the posts and block who ever posts instantly your more than happy to try https://xtremmedia.com/
  8. what i did was spoke to the merchant from day one, i returned the board to them in prestian condition that they agreed on, they then told me 10-15 working days maximum or they will refund me. 30 working days later after ignoring me for 2 hole weeks they sent me back the mangled mess of a motherboard you can see in the photos. today i have sent 20 emails to them and i have been speaking to gigabyte who are saying the board has never been sent to them and i have been relaying the emails to them i can see that they have read them but they are not responding to me. i have p
  9. i have approached my card company as i have payment protection they are attempting to contact them they have a proses they say can take upto 28days no infarct when i sent it for rma it and all the accessory had to be inspected and check as in spain if anything is missing or there is signs of negligent damage warranty can be refused we have to keep everything for 2 hole years here or cant send anything for any sort of rma
  10. the hole build was new so had to try and find the problem with it i am starting legal action today regarding this i have another board in myt rig right now but this is the only one tha ts has the feacher set that i want and need
  11. 6 weeks ago i sent my motherboard off for rma after testing everything in the build took 15 days 1 day more than i was aloud to return it for a refund. The pc would crash no matter what i did and justy reboot, not only when trying to install windows but even tried Unraid and PopOs still the same, also the usb type C ports did not work, after trying the cpu, ram, Gpu amd even the NVME drives to see if they were the problem i sent the board off, it come back yesterday looking like scrap not only has it not been sorted it is now bent and looks like it has been used as a football the p
  12. I'm not sure why I put rgb fans since there is no window, but they were the only 4-pin I had in the house, Ryzen 7 5800x, strix gaming f x570 board, 128gb of viper ram, 8 hard drives of 3, 5 inch 3tb and 2x WD sn850 as a couch and for virtual machines I found a 2gb gt 730 that I didn't even realize I had so it's gone further a shitty 1gb gt 710 I was using to debug on my old server and I have ordered one of these https://lifeinformatica.com/tienda/asus-geforce-gt710-4h-sl-2gb-gd5-grafica/ for a second vm to watch tv in the bedroom sending HDMI over the network and I no longer have to watch t
  13. can you do pcie passthrough with proxmox ? as easly as you can with unraid ? i've ordered a 1tb sn850 today and a Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming board today for it today and i will e changing out the 5600x for my 5800x that is in my desktop right now as i have a 5900x coming next week, right now iv copied everything off my nas it's all spread out on ever old laptop and hhd ssd amd usb stick i could find lol when i put it back together it will have 8x 4tb hdd's plus the gen 4 ssd i could order a second ssd and happly go back to running raidz 2x z1 pools but i would need a second gen 4 ssd the new
  14. Good morning people so the pc that’s attached to the main tv is old tired it’s intel lol (G1840) and it’s time to put it out to pasture, I’m currently running truenas on my server that is powered by a Ryzen 5600x with 64gb of 3200 ram, it is mainly used for storage and VM’s it has the stock nic on the msi x470 that I use for vm’s plus a 2 port Intel X550AT 10Gb nic’s for fast storage access. 17 drives in total 2 480gb ssd’s as coach and log 6 drives connected with via the boards onboard sata ports, another 6 attached via a pcie gen2x4 card plus another 4 attached via a m.2 5 port pcie