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  1. well if you can't game with that gpu u can always change it to your heart's content
  2. ok thnx I had a lotta cash to spend from sacrificing and my birthday presents and moving lawns so i went with the most expensive one.
  3. I will be starting right after I get my pc and train fortnite with proguides
  4. It actually depends on the specs. an i7 can run games very well and for the resolution and the hz, you'll have to look at the monitor. but for $2,000, and only a i7, it is not worth the price because you can build your own $2,000 pc with a ryzen 9 3900x and a rx5700xt also with 16gb ram. all for $2,000. there is a guy on youtube, named joey delgado, and he does pc builds with budgets up to $3,000. he did a $2,000 one and that is why I would go with the build-your-own instead of the prebuilt. you go with this prebuilt if you are scared you will damage any of the components.
  5. Hi, so I was looking for a prebuilt pc and found NZXT BLD and their creator pc caught my attention just because it is really high end but the price is $3,999. I wan't to get it for gaming and streaming, and wanted to know if it is worth it. There are videos or youtube about it, and they all say it is good. I just wanted more opinions on the pc. PC specs: i9-10900k RTX 3090 64gb RAM 1tb SSD 5tb HDD
  6. I would with the NZXT aer rgb 2 fans. they look better than corsair fans in an NZXT case and the cooling is really good. it is cheaper than corsair fans too. plus, you can get windows 10 home for free. you don't need to pay that much. there is a guy on youtube who makes pc build guides, and even made a video on how to download windows 10 home 64 bit for free on windows. his name is "Joey delgado". just search up Joey delgado Windows 10.
  7. Hi, I was surfing da internet for a mechanical keyboard (60%), and I narrowed my choices to the Ducky one 2 mini and the Clix x Matrix keyboard. Which one would you guys recommend so I play like Clix too?
  8. If it is that, you might a rtx 3070 because it is cheap starting at only $499.99, idk what price it would be at where u live, but yea. if not that, you can get a rx 5700xt, idk what price that would be either where you live too .
  9. you might want to get a i7 or ryzen 7 if you are upgrading. what gpu do you have?
  10. Hi, So I was surfin amazon and found the steelseries apex pro tlk and the logitech g pro mechanical. My question is, which one is better?
  11. Hi, I wanted a gaming pc which looks seriously insane with water cooling, and I found the digital storm aventum x which satisfies me with the looks if it, but I don't know if it is good. I know that Faze Teeqo, Faze Jarvis, and Dr.Disrespect and more famous gamers use this pc but I don't know if they think it is good or not cuz how would I? Do you guys think this pc is good?