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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Asus tuf b450m plus gaming
  • RAM
    16gb gskill vengence (3200mhz)
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1650 OC
  • Case
  • Storage
    Crucial P1 1tb
  • PSU
    bequite pure power 11 (500W)
  • Display(s)
    LG 29WN600
  • Cooling
    Stock cooler
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    logitech m185
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    HP bw0xx (Very bad)
  • Phone
    Samsung Galaxy A70

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  1. I guess, but it goes under both applications (firefox and zoom), but idk
  2. I was on a (zoom) call today, and had my web browser and the meeting open in the windows automatic split screen view (move a window to the edge, and it automatically resizes), and noticed a line of pixels at the bottom of my screen between my taskbar and the window form my desktop. I was wondering if anybody would know why this was. It appeared under both windows and on the side, and not when i just an one open in full screen/maximised. (The picture is a snip of the bottom of the window to show what i mean. The purple/magenta/blue is my wallpaper, the black at the bottom is the taskbar, and th
  3. I said that (ish, it was what I was suggesting) "I was thinking of adding fans, so that dust doesn't settle on top because fans would push up, and the GPU would suck less air from the PCIE bracket.", but someone said that would increase dust.
  4. I don't (think, or assumed anyway) that my room will be dust free. I don't have any intakes (other than passive ones), and other than the back outtake they all have fan filters (the front one is non removable from what I can tell). I don't want to go as far as zero dust, just keeping it minimal, ad if the amount is normal. I might get some cotton buds (q-tips) to help clean some of it out
  5. Ok thanks. I don't live in a rural area. I just have the fan (outake) that comes with the case which should be fine.
  6. Ok, I don't think there is lots of dust in my room, it is on a shelf so not on carpet, I will just give it a clean once in a while. and also clean the underside of the chelf it is under (I kept room for airflow).
  7. To start off with, I use a Thermaltake H200 TG Snow, which comes with dust filters on ALL intakes, except the PCIE brackets which have holes in, but that wouldn't affect dust on my CPU with a GPU and gravity between them. I have had it for a couple of months (built x-mas 2020), and has heavy use, from say 8am-7pm on weekdays and 10am to 7-11pm on weekend/friday, and off at ight (at the plug because of lights, but I shutdown beforehand). Is there anyway I can easily do to help reduce settled dust (like it is thick on the fans). I was thinking of adding fans, so that dust doesn't settle on top b
  8. Ok, I am fine for now. But I don't use a laptop, but my monitor has a combo jack on it
  9. I can't remember where I put my hadphones that cam with my phone, and my headphones are wireless, so I can't use its mic (my PC doesn't have bluetooth). This is why I wanted a cheap one, so maybe my bget was a bit high. I might just try to set up my phone as an audio source
  10. Thanks, but this isn't really what I am looking for. I should hvae been more specific. I just need something small and functional, even laptop grade quality will do. I just need it for online classes
  11. For online classes I would like to have a mic, that isn't horrible, but still <£30. idc if it is usb or mic jack, just want some suggestions
  12. Ok thanks, why do they cut it in half? I thought they took the signal they recieve from the router, and relayed it on. Why would that cut your bandwidth? idk much about networking so it is probably me being dumb, and the answer being painfully obvious
  13. My mother is in the room directly above the WiFi router, but I have an internet booster in my room. I can't really get an ethernet cable, as it would drag upstairs and across a hallway, and around my room, to get to me. I could plug it into the repeater, but I turn off my PC at the plug at night (because of the lights makign it hard to sleep), and my parents need it to get the signal for the Sky box in their room at night, so it can't reach my PC via ethernet. I might get this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ubit-1200Mbps-Bluetooth-Wireless-2×Antenna-WIE7265-4-2-Intel-AC-Dual-band/dp/B07Y82HZV1?th=1
  14. I have had abismally slow WiFi recently, and idk why. My phone, switch and laptop dropped connection, ran veryslow or reported "connected without internet". I ran a speedtest which showed anywhere from 10 to 0.5 megabits per second download, and my mother in the office next to my room is getting 50. I dropped out of online class a couple times from the connection being so bad. Why is it just in my room, and why is it so bad? I use an old samsung usb WiFi thing, which came with our TV (I want to get a PCIE one with bluetooth, any suggestions welcome) but that shouldn't affect my phone, when it