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  1. Hi thanks for answering, no my fps has been the same. And yes there might was a patch as it began after a big update. Can I run the scan trough Windows Defender?
  2. Dude how tf would that change my gpu usage.. u clearly know nothing about pcs
  3. Dude as i already said, it wasn't like that before. Don't give dumb advice please
  4. Average framerate is 115 fps and the temps are for my gpu around 80 degrees celsius and for the cpu 70
  5. Hi guys, I love to play apex, so that’s what I do the most. What freaks me out is that when I load up apex legends, my gpu and cpu go to 100%. A month ago this was at a normal: GPU 50-80% & CPU 50-60%. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? specs: i5-4460 RX 480 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram sharkoon tg4 case (I noticed that the temps are bad to, but I don’t know if that’s really the issue.)
  6. I need some white rgb fans for my 4000d airflow build, but i don't want to spend that much. Any recommendations? I live in The Netherlands. Please react with a pcpartpicker.nl list
  7. So I need a second monitor to pair with my G24C4, and I was wondering if anyone knows a 60/75hz monitor i can put vertical next to it. IPS panel would be nice if possible, budget around €100-150 MAX I prefer monitor with a tin sideline, if you know what i mean XD
  8. I have a monitor arm man
  9. Hi guys! I currently have a MSI G24C4 144hz curved monitor, i am planning to get a second monitor, but i don’t know what is good to pair it with. I would like a monitor that is 60/75hz, curved, IPS panel if possible. I don’t have a budget but i guess i don’t want a monitor above €200. Extra: I live in the Netherlands.
  10. I actually don’t know. And if thats the issue how can i fix it? Replacinf the fans?
  11. It’s a coolermaster cooler and TG4 Case
  12. Can you recommend me some rgb fans? I’m dutch i don’t want to spend too much
  13. Gpu is on 0 rpm mode when playing youtube so that’s not the issue
  14. What fans do you recommend? I gotta have some rgb XD. I don’t want to spend too much
  15. Just the case fans, temps are around 50 degrees, almost no dust