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  1. Pump is working and Cables are all connected
  2. but i have everything on standard settings for my CPU and my cooling is set to extreme in icue, the temps are normal i think ( havin things open in the backround rn so it explains the 41.40°
  3. Hi, So whenever i start my PC i get 5 Short beeps from my motherboard and according to the instructions form the ASUS TUF B450-PLUS Gaming II, it means that the CPU has problems. However i have done Cinebench Tests and my CPU is performing not that bad, it was 9565 pt on 8 Core Test while the normal results online are 10140. 1 Thing i have to metion aswell is that i got 2 crashes at some point and i vaguely remember that the error code did say CPU, unfortuantely i dont have that messages/dump file anymore So my Question right now is: How do i Check my C
  4. so i think i fixed it somehow, i reenabled my xmp in the bios and i get 200-230 average ingame now its not what i expected considering this guy gets 300+avg with 1440p settings ultra: But ye i think 200 are fine. If anybody has some more suggestions pls contact me again, ty u all for the help tho.
  5. @zelenia i had a 1050ti and i got like 70-80fps average i changed my memory in my bios to 3600 aswell but it didnt work
  6. So i got the Palit gamingpro RTX 3060ti OC im running everything low in Overwatch besides 100% render scale, i have installed the 30 series drivers, not the newest bec the newest are not working = everything is lagging, my control panel is also setup for best performance, ive also tried overclocking but that rly deos not have a big impact, i have an average of 160 fps ingame, can anybody help me with that i have spent alot of money on this card and i dont know if its the card that has problems or any kind of software i have not looked out for. My Specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x Cpu Cooler: Co