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  1. i wouldn't buy GPU right now, for price like this.
  2. I would recommend Be quiet! Pure Power or System power if you can't buy them, then buy PSU with Bronze rate, when you buy a PSU it should have Bronze rate or higher for quality.
  3. I think PCI-E express slol is dead
  4. In my opinion i wouldn't buy this mobo because it's only has 1 system fan which means, that you only can plug a case fan for CPU, I would recommend buy mobo with 3 or more extra fan connectors, but you can buy adapter, so you can plug 2 fans in one sys_fan connector. But why do you need this case?
  5. Water block you mean, water cooling?
  6. 2x8GB, then RAM will work Dual-channel mode. It's faster than single-channel and more stable.
  7. i think it's PSU problem, or both PSU and motherboard, it's hard to say, 'cause i've never seen thing like this
  8. Ahh, thanks, because i've been little bit worry about that, 'cause i've never put him in computer, but i don't actully know is it working, but i have 95% it's working
  9. Hey, I have a kinda stupid question, for this situation i can't buy motherboard and other parts. I have a Ryzen 1600 AF ant it's just standing on closet, so my question is, how much can Ryzen CPU just stand without using?
  10. So, I just don't need motherboard with OC support if i'm not going to overclock?
  11. Which is better MSI or Gigabyte motherboard's? What is your opinion?
  12. So, for example, If I have 2133 RAM MHz and OC to 2666 MHz, will it increase FPS in games with Ryzen CPU?
  13. Does more RAM MHz increase games FPS with Ryzen processors?
  14. New, i'm going for Gigabyte ga-320m-h
  15. I already have Ryzen 5 1600 AF, i'm going to buy Gigabyte ga-a320-h, it doesn't support OC, but i'm stuck in budget, shoud i just wait or buy it?