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  1. Hey, i've got a Hyper fury 4gb 2666Mhz CL16, can i overclock it to 3200mhz?
  2. Renaldsq


    So you think i should renistall windows?
  3. Renaldsq


    Hey, i've got windows 7 on my SSD, i just finished Ryzen build, but it doesn't windows it's stuck on win 7 loading screen, then restarts, help me please
  4. ASUS radeon r7 240, i only have VGA cable for monitor, will it work?
  5. Hey, will Ryzen CPU work with old gpu, and I only have VGA cable for video, will it be fine, or it just doesn't matter?
  6. Yep it's AMD, I have MSI A320A PRO MAX, and AMD Ryzen 5 1600, BIOS ver. on MB is c52v21, CPU needs c52v20, so it will work?
  7. Hey, will CPU work with motherboard who has latest BIOS version, but CPU needs first BIOS version or will it work just fine?
  8. hey guys, what do you think about top PSU mounting cases? is it bad? Are they increase PC perfomance?
  9. Hey, can you put 3200mhz ram stick, in motherbaord who supports 3200MHz only on XMP mode?
  10. Strange, i thought it wouldn't compatible.
  11. Guys, random question, i'm just curious, but does Ryzen cpu's support Pcie 2.0 x8 or x16 video cards?
  12. Hey guys, what do you think about Biostar motherboards? Are they good or not?
  13. What do you think about Biostar motherboards?
  14. I wana put amd ryzen 5 1600 af but i won't overclock it so i think it's worth
  15. Hey, is it worth to buy more than 50 bucks for A320m chipset without overcloking feature?