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  1. I recently added a usb pcie 1x card to my desktop pc so I could have a few usb type c ports. The card also has 2 internal usb 3.0 ports(not headers actual ports) , what are some things you would do with a USB port inside of your pc? I was thinking of plugging in a usb thumbdrive with a windows installer on it and maybe nanite, making it read only, so if i ever need to reformat, or what about using a thumbdrive for readyboost? any other ideas? alternate OS's, usb wireless mouse/keyboard dongle? looking for odd uses, Thanks
  2. naaa just for me for now
  3. im getting into deepfakes. (replacing james bond with mr bean) i can use an external drive but its much slower and a major PITA to lug around with me
  4. I am looking to upgrade my laptops on board storage (acer Nitro AN515-54) I contacted Acer and they told me all they could guarantee would work is a 500 gb nvme drive. obviously i need more space than that. is there any way to tell if it can handle a 4 or even 8 TB nvme drive? or does size even matter? thanks