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  1. I have over 200gb worth of stuff I need and I’m not going to spend 100 dollars on 10 usbs
  2. Umm I don’t have any USB’s like only one for work documents and YouTube video backups. And I Don’t want to spend money. and I don’t have a cloud
  3. And I have stream labs obs running on it and my editing software on it
  4. Oh sorry I’m not the one who set it up I was the one who built it and I’m pretty sure if I do a clean install all of my data gets deleted and I have YT vids waiting to be edited and posted
  5. And I use the e drive for that to store photos videos and miscellaneous stuff
  6. Everything that isn’t important is deleted on the c drive it’s just windows and the drivers. And all of updates have to go to the same drive as the program
  7. Ok I’ll try that but is there a way to transfer some of the free space from my d drive to my c drive. Btw they both run off of the same m.2
  8. My c drive is almost full and I need more space for updates for windows and steam. And, I got rid of all of the unused stuff but that’s not enough I need help bad.
  9. Wtf. I thought I would never see something like that in my life lol
  10. R you using a voice mod or something like that because discord is glitchy with voice mod and does it work with any thing else
  11. Click on..... hardware and sound
  12. Have you messed with the control panel? And also I have the same issue sometimes It works sometimes it doesn’t how I fixed the issue is just plug the mic up to the motherboard directly on the back.
  13. Btw I stole the crucial real ssd from my dad lol before he went to Japan