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  1. Recently I've been looking into getting a windows key to get rid of the watermark, and have more customization and so on. Grey market keys mightn't be reliable, but some websites have good reviews and others don't, I'll choose carefully if I do that. Also, I know ebay do keys for very little money. I'm aware some of these keys are bought in different ways, though a few are illegal, or go against Microsoft's policy, the only way that I personally deem immoral is if I'm supporting someone who got the key using a stolen credit card. How do I know if a windows key from one of these web
  2. I posted on this forum a few days ago about having issues after I plugged in a new hard drive to my PC that has windows on it, then I unplugged this hard drive, and my original SSD couldn't boot windows. It would have a message on screen say 'Reboot and select proper boot device.' Someone on the forum recommended that I repair my MBR by plugging the windows installation USB to my pc, press repair, and enter a set of commands into command prompt. I got the installation USB from the media creation tool, I went into command prompt, and I kept having the same issue. Every tutorial would say to ent
  3. Ok I'll try that, thank you. Also I've looked up more about how to do it and apparently you have to put a set of commands in command prompt. Is there already a windows setting to repair the MBR or is it right that you have to fix it using command prompt?
  4. What does MBR mean? Also, are you basically saying I need to reinstall Windows with a flash drive
  5. I'm not sure what that means sorry, how would I change the motherboard from LEGACY?
  6. I have plugged a new hard drive to my PC which has windows already installed on it. When I turned my PC on it loaded windows from the Hard drive not my SSD. So I looked up how to fix it, and changed the boot priority in the BIOS but it didn't work. So I unplugged the new hard drive so that only my SSD was plugged in, but now every time I turn my PC on it tells me 'Reboot and select proper Boot device.' it's almost as if windows has uninstalled itself on my main SSD. If you have any suggestions as to how to fix this I would appreciate it very much.