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  1. Evap temps in the -40C range at load, core temps around 5-10C (or that's at least what realtemp says). Though as always with sub-zero temps the probes inside AMD and intel CPUs are extremely inaccurate so there's no way to know for certain. In reality they're most likely slightly below zero at load. single stage as 24/7 cooling if anyone was wondering.
  2. Thanks :) It's really been a learning process, I only built my first rig in 2009 and after that I've been all about just going crazier and crazier with my cooling solutions. Next up is a custom sub-zero system for the titan made from an old AC unit, should be fun ;D
  3. Yeah completely fine for daily use. The phase change system has been in use for about a year now, as long as the insulation is good there's no reason to worry. Sure it's a bit louder than your average watercooled system but who wouldn't want temperatures of around -50C to -30C? :p
  4. And that's about it for that rig without going into too much detail :) If you have any questions or would like more photos of something please ask, I'd be glad to reply.
  5. After getting X79 building pics: Waterblock installation: Drying the motherboard due to insulation that had formed: Insulation process, kneaded eraser, electrical tape, paper towels and armaflex :) Installing the mobo on the mobo tray and starting with the tubing, kind of tricky getting everything to fit since the evap of the phase change unit requires quite a lot of space: After that I technically had everything done but since then the rig has been through some adventures with DICE, and other forms of extreme cooling.
  6. So I built the bench itself back in 2011 when I didn't have an X79 setup or my phase change cooling system yet. It was originally meant for watercooling only. And the finished build back when I was on P55 and only using watercooling:
  7. Even though my build has already been completed I thought I'd do a small recap build log in here since some people might find it interesting :) So basically the build consists of: a custom built (very cheap plywood + spray paint) test bench Littledevil PC-V2 single stage phase change cooling system A couple of Coolstream radiators from EK (360 and 240) XSPC H20 750 pump/res The proper computer hardware itself changes pretty often but the primary stuff includes: i7 3930K at 5.3GHz stable (1.53v needed) Rampage IV extreme with EK waterblocks (old style, none of that circle silly
  8. The hardware changes pretty often but the thing looks about the same regardless
  9. It would be much easier to answer questions like this if you would state your budget for the build. A mid range rig might mean different things for different people. But at that resolution I'd most likely go with a 4-core piledriver and a HD7770 to keep it very cheap and still moderately powerful for gaming. As for other details and confirmation on all the parts actually we really do need the budget.
  10. As long as you know what you're doing and insulate your parts well then there's no problem. Personally I've had some fun in the past running some good benches for HWbot. It's just for tuning your HW to the max which is obviously something that only a part of the enthusiast community enjoy.