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  1. I will probably take it apart to remove the thermal paste this weekend but which paste is a good one and how do I take it apart I can't find any videos taking it apart, also if I take it apart won't the dust just fallout of it
  2. Nah I don't think so because why is my gpu running very hot then
  3. 75+ which on normal setting makes the game look terrible, it looked better on my old ps4... Sucks how pc companies make us pay for expensive shit and then don't make anything optimized
  4. Can someone explain what direct x is, I'm getting really high temps in gta on 100 fps on normal settings on my 1070.... I wonder if direct x has something to do with it, it said direct x 10 something...
  5. It's not even stuttering though it's just that it looks horrible on a good gpu
  6. No idea I bought it used because I couldn't afford a new one, is it possible to replace the entire fam setup to make it a double fan?
  7. Honestly that is a really good idea and could be the cause but I have no idea how to take it out, much less how replace the thermal paste.
  8. No I've never upgraded anything, but my cpu is a ryzen 2700 and everything else I don't know
  9. I have a gtx 1070 founders edition and I have been fidling with the GTA 5 settings for 3 hours now. My gpu is damn near on fire wile I have everything on normal except the textures on high, the fps is set 100. The game LOOKS SO FUCKING BAD!!!!!! it stutters on the setting menus but not the actual gameplay, but everything looks so shit. I used to play this on ps4 and I remember it looking so nice, but on pc the textures and shadows are jagged and pixelated as fuck, everything is low resolution, the characters look like they are from the ps2 days. All of this whole my gpu is 75+, I'm scared to t