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  1. I saw the unboxing of that thing and haven't seen it afterwards in any video... What happened to that red dragon statue?
  2. Ubuntu might not be a Good call... There are more user Friendly Debian OS's These days (Even ones based on Ubuntu which is better).. If I am not Wrong, Anthony Mentions a few good ones here... check it out
  3. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i 14 inch with i3 11th gen 1115G4 with 8gb RAM and 512 GB SSD
  4. Anthony Should try and make Linus review All different types of Linux OS's Fancy stuff like: pearOS, exTern OS, LinuxFX etc Practical stuff like: Mint, Pop, Manjaro, etc Specific use case scenario OS like: TailOS, Kali, Parrot, etc and May be a special mention for JingPAD OS
  5. I live in Southern India. It is somewhere between the two classes you mention. This was kind of a Digital outlet, Has Laptops, iMacs, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Earphones, and some peripherals... And I haven't heard about the mentioned subreddit, I will surely see it : )
  6. Nooooo.... didn't you see the Linus head in the Center??
  7. I really need the Wallpaper shown in Linus's Desk in the Video "Next Gen Desk PC: The Final Chapter" in the Timestamp 13:12.... Can someone provide that to me or tell where to find that one?
  8. Somehow it is chanting "Please sit up right" whenever there is a serious posture issue I have seen some of my samsung mobile phones getting "Camera errors" after continuous use of Camera when I once set it up as an IP camera and was okay after a restart. That even always makes me feel that small cameras are not meant to be working always, But I am not sure... When I first saw this app in Lenovo, I thought "Isn't this a ridiculous thing to switch on cam 24x7 just to see the posture or screen time, is it worth it?"
  9. I am using a Lenovo laptop and it has a built in App Called Lenovo Aware. It takes input from Camera to decide how long I am looking at screen and to check if my posture is correct. But it needs access to webcam at all time to process this, So will it damage my integrated webcam if this program is working continuously for long period of time? (Currently, I am not concerned about Privacy as these claim that they process the feed on the system, but is still worried because I won't Know if anyone else is seeing the feed at the time I see the LED near the CAM, I know there are facilities whe
  10. As far as I investigate, I realised that my Laptop has a 4gb Soldered + a RAM slot which currently has a 4gb RAM and it is a Slot which can tolerate upto an 8gb module... I showed that person this same page from ARK Intel, For him just to reply to me that "Intel is saying their chip can carry this much, Lenovo says mother board can carry 12gb(This is the actual thing, right? the Spec page from the OEM), but You won't be able to upgrade above 8GB in budget i3 11th gens, If you want more than 8gb, Go for i5 11th gen, and If you need more than 16gb, go for i5 GAMING EDITION CPUs" My
  11. I was looking for an option for a Long time, That Is Why I couldn't believe what he said to me. There are obviously good salespeople. Even our @LinusTech was also a Salesperson right?
  12. I asked him once whether AMD option is available for this same model (just wanted to compare 2 variants), His reply was AMD laptops are Costly and will cost more than 950USD (converted from 70k INR) I knew for a fact that there are good Laptops with 40000 series in the price range I was looking in (almost 600USD, Converted from 44k INR I have seen similar case In with my sister and my friends, and Mentioning this, his claim was this is something new with the 11th gen devices..
  13. So, Last day I went to a decent digital outlet in my state in India to purchase a Low end Budget level Laptop for my daily Educational Online class and So on and so forth. to give a bit of background, I was aiming for a 11th gen i3 with an SSD. (14inch) Even though I am not a tech expert but a noob in tech, I ended up in an argument with the sales Person in the shop who claimed to be an PC technician for more than 10 years. While asking for the RAM specs, I had some questions about the RAM in the model We were looking out for, Me: So this Laptop has a removable 8gb RAM right? Sal
  14. I am trying to choose a Laptop for Myself and the Hardest part comes when trying to compare the performance of the Integrated graphics within the Processor and what parameters should I choose to compare them.... I am trying to find the better among various naming given such as "INTEL IRIS XE graphics, Intel UHD graphics, and Radeon graphics"...(I was looking for Laptops below 670 USD/ 50,000 INR/570 EUR) 1. WHAT ARE THE VALUES I SHOULD LOOK TO COMPARE...? 2. WHERE TO LOOK UP FOR QUALITY COMPARISON ON PERFORMACE BETWEEN THESE?